Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ski Village Update

As I said yesterday here and on my other blog, Club Penguin Secrets, the Ski Village has construction going on in it. The Phoning Facility is getting updated. If you looked very closely, one penguin spilled coffee on a blueprint. It wont be the same blueprint. It will be soaked and it won't be the exact same as it was before. Where are they going to get another blueprint??? Bye!!!

Pet Shop Moved Left for Puffle Hotel Building

Hey Guys!!! It's Icystorm 9 here to give you event news!!! The Pet Shop has been moved to the left about 10 feet for the construction of the Puffle Hotel!!! I'm so excited!!! Are you?

Red Nose Comedy Pin Cheats

Well, It's Icystorm 9 here and I have a new pin cheats post!!! It is in the Coffee Shop by the counter in the coffee section. The smoothie section hasn't updated. Get it quick! It's only available until the 20th!!!

Penguin Style March 2013 Cheats

Well, the Penguin Style is out, and There aren't any cheats that are new. =(   But there still are cheats. The Viking Helmet can be obtained by clicking on the purple penguin's paintbrush on the Custom Hoodie page.
The next cheat is on this guy's shoe on the first Clearance page. It gives you the Black Shoulder Bag.
The next cheat is the Flower Basket. It is by the White Cocoa Bunny Costume on the very last clothing page.
The next cheat is the Pot O' Gold. It is by the Leprechaun Tuxedo.
The last cheat is on the page with the Dark Grey Shirt. It is the Classy T-Shirt.
Sadly, there are only 2 months worth of stuff and not the usual 3. Most Items on the page have links to the page telling about them. Please click them. Bye!!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New Penguin Style Tomorrow

Hey guys! Its Icystorm 9 here telling you that there will be a new catalog tomorrow for the Penguin Style! If you want to see some stuff that might come, check out this video from last year by InsidersNetwork.

Costume Trunk Cheats March 2013

Hey guys!!! Its Icystorm 9 here and its time to get to the Costume Trunk Cheats for March 2013!
I really like the Quest for the Golden Puffle. It was also the first play I went to as a member!!! One time me and Beard performed a non acting Quest for the Golden Puffle in real life. Me and him read it to our parents and grandparents. Well, on to the cheats. The secret Item is on page 1. To get the crook and flail, click on the golden puffle's head right between the eyes.
I hope you liked the play and I hope this isn't the last time it comes.

Phoning Facility Rebuilding

Hey Penguins of all ages!! The Phoning Facility is being rebuilt and you can help!!!
All you need to do is get a hard hat next to the ski lift. Put it on. Hit Dance in the actions list where you want to drill. You are drilling!!!
I hope it will be fixed soon because I like the Facility.

Red Nose Day Cheats 2013

Hey guys!!! Its Icystorm 9 Here with my first Events cheats on this blog!!! Im so excited!!! This event is the Red Nose Day 2013. To get the red nose, go into the coffee shop and next to the door there is a free red nose! Then put it on. Go up to the pedestal. You're ready to be a silly penguin for the rest of your life!!! If you take a screenshot, send it to Club Penguin UK. They will donate a pound to a joke center. If you don't know what a pound is, its like a dollar in the UK.

Welcome to Icystorm's Club Penguin Cheats

Welcome to my new blog!!! I am Icystorm 9 and I hope you visit this blog when you need help. I will be around and I will also be on another blog and the adress is Club Penguin Secrets and me and Beard1 post cheats on that blog too. Bye!!!