Thursday, January 29, 2015

Minecraft: Club Penguin - Review

Hey guys, Storm here. If you didn't know that I had a PlanetMC page, you must be living under a rock. It's been sitting on the bottom of the page for at least a year now. ANYWAY, Starting March 1st (Maybe extended to April 1st, but no further than that) I quit Minecraft PC for good. This means that I have to finish all the parties for the next couple years. Knowing this, you should know that I am able to review almost every update seen in the history of the world. So let's start at the beginning, shall we?
Club Penguin Beta V1.0 - This update was a great update. I didn't play on it much, so it actually took 6 months to get to this point, even though if I did it today, it would be done in 2 weeks. ANYWAY, this was the first update. It was actually way different than what you see today. Here are the things that changed. (Taken from PlanetMinecraft Page)

Beta V1.1 - 12/24/13
Ski Lodge, Sport Shop, Lighthouse are added.
Coffee Shop updated
NEW! Map
NEW! Game - Snowball Battle

Beta V1.1.1 1/01/14
Tour Guide booth, more trees, and safety snow are now available!

Beta V1.2 - 3/22/14
Water Party, Leaky Pipes, New ResourcePack now available, Ice Rink update, the first Scavenger Hunt, Penguin Skin Link now easier to get to, small updates, more trees, Igloo Village update, Clock tower update, and more!
BONUS: For the water party, there is a temporary Jacuzzi at the Snow Forts!

Beta V1.3 - 3/29/14
Upgraded Gift Shop, Snow Forts now have flags along with Snow Fort #2 getting upgraded and more modern like Snow Fort #1, Water Party over, new hub, Cove Ocean Done soon, new map, Nightclub update, Boiler Room update, Slight Pizza Parlor update, and much much more fun!

Beta V1.4 - 4/05/14
Upgraded Gift Shop, Updated GAME UPGRADES, Upgraded Nightclub, Upgraded Toolshed, Ski Mountain, Updated Igloo, New ASK ME ANYTHING

Out of Beta! - 4/12/14
Club Penguin is going out of beta later today!

Medieval Party! - 4/12/14
The Medieval Party is on now! Download the world and check it out!

Western Party! - 6/03/14
The Western Party is on now! Download the world and check it out!

Fall Fair! - 10/02/14
The Fall Fair is now available! Play games to earn prizes! Also check out the Mini-val Party at the Lighthouse and the Mancala Championship in the Book Room! Download the island now!

Fall Fair! Update - 10/08/14
New download! Sorry about the last download being messed up!

New Sneak Peek Video! - 10/14/14
We have a new sneak peek video hinting towards the Halloween Party 2014! Check it out today!

1st Anniversary Party! - 10/24/14
It's the island's 1st Birthday! To celebrate, we are holding a party! Download quick! It will only be here for 2 days!
So here's what's happening:
Party at the Coffee Shop - Equipped with cake!
The entire area of the Town, Dock, Snow Forts, and Ice Rink have their original look!
Every penguin is there, so let's party!
Also, don't forget the hat!
PS: Halloween Party starts October 26th!

Halloween Party! - 10/26/14
Halloween is on now! Check out the awesomeness by downloading!
Special items include as follows:
Alien Attack in the Sport Shop
Super Secret Lab available by pulling secret lever in the Book Room
Candy Hunt
Lava Fishing at the Ski Lodge
Furcuts in the Gift Shop - with discounts for werewolves
Download right now to check it out!

Holiday Party! - 12/26/14
The Holiday Party is on now! Here is what we have!
Christmas cabin at the Ski Lodge
Meeting Santa at the Cove
Trainset in the Forest
Christmas dance at the Nightclub
Ice Rink at the Dock
Christmas Tree Lighthouse
Snowman Snowball Fight at the Snow Forts
Candy Cane Ski Mountain
Scrooge Mancala in the Book Room
Download now to check it out!

2015 Edition!
2015 Edition is here! Here are some of the updates!:
Book Room Floor Fixed
Trees Added to Ski Village
Ocean Added at Cove
Something on my to-do list that I wrote in code so I never figured out what it was.
Snowball Battle now has hiding places to hide from your enemies!
Download now to check it out!

Future Party!
The Future party is now available! Here are some of the updates!:
Upgraded Ski Mountain (Now Ski Hill)
Upgraded Ski Village
Upgraded Sport Shop (Now Everyday Phoning Facility)
Upgraded Beach
Upgraded Dock
Upgraded Town Center
Upgraded Coffee Shop
Upgraded Book Room (Now Club Penguin Times Office)
Upgraded Nightclub (Now Danceclub)
Upgraded Dance Lounge (Now Video Arcade)
Upgraded Gift Shop (Now Clothes Shop)
Upgraded Snow Forts
Upgraded Ice Rink (Now Soccer Pitch)
Upgraded Town Plaza (Now Puffle Plaza)
Added Puffle Park
Upgraded Pet Shop
Added Hotel Lobby
Added Hotel Spa
Added Hotel Rooftop
Added Cloud Forest
Added the Stage
Upgraded the Pizza Parlor (Now Pizza Shop)
Upgraded Forest
Upgraded Cove
Upgraded Mineshack - Halfway
Upgraded Mine
Added Skatepark
Upgraded Dojo
Check it out and download today!

In case you forgot, (which you probably did if you read the whole list) we are still reviewing Beta V1.0. I think this was a very good update. It could have been better if I had MC1.6 during this time though. (I didn't. I only was able to get MC1.5.1)

Beta V1.1
This was a quite important and memorable update. This update replaced Beta V1.0 after less than 48 hours, and in that time I had completed the Ski Village and the Beach. Quite remarkable, if I do say so myself.

Beta V1.1.1
This update was very bland and only featured 3 minor updates. This update download didn't even work, so it didn't matter anyway.

Beta V1.2
This was a kind of..... experiment. I was testing around with parties during this update. This also featured the first Scavenger Hunt featured in the world of Club Penguin along with many other updates necessary in the future. This was one of my favorite Beta update and my 3rd favorite update overall.

Beta V1.3
This was quite a big update. It featured updates to the almost Gift Shop, Pizza Parlor, and snow forts. This was also the update revealing the new hub; the one you see today. Many things you see today were added in Beta V1.3

Beta V1.4
This update was very very very important.
It featured the update revealing some of the places you see today. We upgraded the nightclub and gift shop as you see them today. This was also the update with the newly-built Ski Mountain. It hasn't changed since. This was also the update revealing the igloo with rooms. In the last update it was just an empty room with a few signs inside.

Medieval Party
This was a landmark update. I got to a point I thought I would never get to. So on April 12th, Club Penguin left Beta Edition and became known as a different type of update. Instead of Beta V1.4 or Beta V1.47, it would be called "Club Penguin" with no suffix or prefix. A few hours later, the Medieval Party became available. This was the first real party, and was very memorable. This party featured many features, such as the special Tree Fort room in the Forest and the Throne Room in the Dance Lounge, and even Merlin's Library in the Book Room. Though it was very low standard, it was way better than the party in Beta, the Water Party. Coming soon in May, we will see the return of the Medieval Party with all-new party rooms, a new special party game, and a scavenger hunt.

Western Party
This party was very small and unimportant. I almost forgot about it due to it's low amount of party rooms and short scavenger hunt. But don't worry, it will return in July with more features and party rooms.

Fall Fair
This party was extremely fun to create and to play. It's a shame that the download link was broken for six whole days. It was the first party to have a bouncepad in it, and the second party to have a secret room. If you missed this party, don't fret, for this party returns this September.

Halloween Party
I spent probably more time on this party than any other party. It had spooky decorations and all. This was the first party to take place at night and the first party to have a special party room branching off of the hub building. This is a very good party. I think this was the best party in quality of decorations. The Halloween Party will return, just as you suspected, in October.

Holiday Party
This party would have been great if I didn't miss the release date. This party was planned to be launched on December 21st, and ended up launching on December 26th, after Krismas,but just in time for Kwanzaa. This party will return for an encore in December.

Future Party
This party was created for one purpose - for the players who quite a couple years ago to see the ups and downs of Current Club Penguin and to give the penguins who joined in 2013-2014 to see what Current Club Penguin would look like in Minecraft. This party was suspected to take a long time to build, so I started in November. This is why there was no party in that month.This party will probably not return officially, but I will most likely sneak in the download link every once in a while.

That is the schedule from the past. Now if you are wondering what will come in the future, here is a list.

I hope you all enjoy this world until it stops updating! Until next time, this is Storm signing off.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Party Review - Halloween Party 2014

Hey guys, Storm here. This party was pretty good in my opinion, but needed a little work. Decorate the Ski Village and Mine, and don't have a puffle as a prize. BORING!
The rest was okay. The quests were easy and fun, but the 11th floor was hard. That's okay though.
That's it for this crappy review of a party that happened quite a while ago! Until next time, this is Storm signing off.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Are Custom-Shaped LEGO Simpsons Head Really Necessary?

          Hey guys, Storm here. Today I am reviewing a very unimportant topic. Did LEGO really need to create custom heads for the Lego Simpsons series? First of all, no. They only had two sets (one being minifigures) overall, and the other set seems to be a bit out of the price range of anyone with a life. I mean $200. Would they attract more people? Possibly. Many adults love the Simpsons, but are not really a big fan of Lego. This might have been a way to get some more sales from lifeless nobodies who work 168 hours a week and only get 3 hours off every weekend, or maybe some millionaires.
         Is there a downside to the new heads? Yes, of course there is. Lots are pointy on top. Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Scratchy, Grampa, you could all get the pain of a LEGO brick X3 if you step on one of those. But that shouldn't be a problem for sensible people. Right?
          I know this is a short review, but this is a very small topic about a very small set of LEGO sets. Until next time, this is Storm signing off.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Party Review - Pirate Party 2014

Hey guys, Storm here. Today I have another party review. Today I am recapping a party from November 2014. Is this party as good or bad as everybody says it is?
I love pirates, so I was pretty excited when I heard the Pirate Party was returning from 2008, I was pretty excited. The only thing that could make Club Penguin better was a permanent train station with running trains that you could ride and possibly drive like at the Holiday Party 2013. When it came, it was pretty fun, but it got old after a couple days; and by that I mean by day 2 I was sick of it to the farthest extent. The decorations were bland and there was too much sand. I still have no idea how the ocean got to the snow forts and back into position within 2 weeks, but I know that probably won't be answered ever in history. Doing the same task over and over again didn't help the case. The forest needed some white because scenes only look good if there is an even balance of light and dark to set the mood. Raiders of the Lost Ark and The LEGO Movie do this very well, but with the colors of the room, I had no idea what the mood was. I am also kinda sad that the Migrator crashed. I also see hints of a flying Migrator in the newspaper. Rockhopper has to be like the worst pirate ever to need 3 ships in less than 10 years. Also, flying pirate ships? Been there, done that. The beach and dock were way too overcrowded with items, and it was confusing with those X marks all over the place where the chests would later be. It was really easy to defeat the crabs, but I did like the idea of climbing up the pet shop and pizza parlor and hotel and other buildings.
The boss battle was too boring and pointless. We waited 6 days after the party started to defeat something virtually the same as all the other battles, but with a bigger crab.
This Party was actually not very entertaining. I really can't say much. Nothing much on Rockhopper, nothing on the ski village because it WASNT DECORATED for no logical reason other than the Club Penguin team is the laziest team ever. I mean really, why  do they never decorate it?
This is really all I can say about this party because there is nothing to this party. No story, and no plot twists because there's no plot.
There is also no new characters like there is in almost every other party nowadays. Really, I can prove it.
Prehistoric: Garugg the Ugg Ugg
Muppets: Kermit
Future Party: Gary 3000
Music Jam: Cole Plante, Zendaya, Violletta, Sabrina Carpenter
Frozen: Elsa, destroyer of earth, Anna, the hobo with no brain, and Olaf the self-impaling moron
Halloween: Skip the Bellhop
Merry Walrus: Merry Walrus

This is really all I have to say.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Igloo Looks.... Different

The Igloo Looks.... Different. It's pretty obvious. The igloo has a new layout. Here's all that has changed.

-New Blue Layout. The red layout was kinda boring. 
-2 Sidebars instead of the 1, so you don't have to scroll down all the way for a specific tool or poll or maybe even blog link.
-Some pages are missing. The Club Penguin Cheats pages have been removed and the Memes page has been temporarily hidden for renovations.
-New Header - The old header has been around since Spring 2013, and I decided it was time for a new one. I really like this one with the random touch of the Modern Art furniture item.
-New Page - Custom Scenes and Penguins - Here you can check out my work with custom art for penguins and other game characters alike. Here I post artwork made in 3 styles made every week. You can place a request in the comments if you want, and if you don't, well, that's okay.
-Toolbar Label Different - The ''Home" Tab is renamed to Homepage just because I feel like it, okay?

I hope you like the new design! Check out the Custom Art page! 

By the way, this doesn't count as a regular post. That's why I'm not gonna sign on or off or anything, I'm just gonna say bye. 


Thursday, January 1, 2015


Hey guys, Storm here. I have a few reviews coming up and I need your help. I need to know which one you want me to do next. Here are your options:

1: Was Custom Formed Lego Simpsons Heads Worth It? - LEGO Minifigures
2: The Good and the Bad of DQ's 5 Buck Lunch
3: Minecraft: CLUB PENGUIN - Review

Comment below and tell me the order of how you want them from soonest to farthest in time so I can review them!