Thursday, April 25, 2013

Superhero Takeover Returns!!!

 Hey guys! It's Icystorm 9 here! I have come here to give you the cheats for the Superhero Takeover 2013! It is delicious. If you are a hero, head to the beach to go in a cannon to the Superhero Hq. If you are a villain, go to the cove to the robot factory. In the hero hq, you can play a game with crystals. If you get 50000 crystals, you can get a little hoodie!!! In the Robot Factory, the villain hq, you can play a robot game! Build robots, but be quick! If you click the wrong thing, you have to start all over again. If you go to the beach, dock, cove,  forest, plaza, snow forts, or town, you can have a catalogue in the bottom right corner. This catalog has  superhero stuff, villain stuff, cop stuff, robber stuff, and burglar stuff! Go and check it out!!!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Marvel Superhero Takeover Q&A

By Tour Guide on April 19, 2013 - 13:11

Hi Everyone,

Tour Guide here with my first blog post ever! You may not know me, but I spend lots of time with Polo and the team! I'm always busy reading your comments, and giving tours online.

In my line of work, I meet a lot of amazing penguins with tons of great questions. And I want to answer as many as I can!

Today I've got answers to your Marvel Super Hero Takeover questions.

Will last year’s Marvel costumes return? They sure will! You’ll have another chance to suit up as all your favorite Marvel characters. We can’t wait to see all your crazy Hulk, Loki, and Black Widow outfits. AND there will be new surprises... Marvel costumes you've never seen before.

What kinds of new activities will there be? Fasten your flippers! There’ll be two brand new mini-games, available only during the party. One for heroes. One for villains. So pick your side!

Which Mascot will visit? Just like last year, Aunt Arctic will be there on the ground to cover the clash between good and evil! Stay tuned to the blog for dates and times.

What will non-members be allowed to do? Non-members can join a side to protect or destroy Penguintropolis! And everyone can play the new super hero and super villain games! Flippertastic!

Thanks for sending in all your questions! Here’s a question for all you Tour Guide Troopers… What are you most excited to experience at the Marvel Superhero Takeover?

Best fishes!
- Club Penguin Team

New Friday Video

Hey guys! This is Icystorm 9 here right on time, and I will start making videos every Friday and posting them on my channel, Comicbookfan91. That is why that the little amount of subs I have who watch my videos aren't confused by random videos everywhere. This video is called Super Crystalz. I hope you like it!!!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Forest Hut

Hey guys, It's me, Icystorm 9, right on time!!! There is a new research hut in the forest in Club Penguin. Do you want to go see it?
This is what I found in the forest, so I thought you would want to see. there are a bunch of crystals everywhere. Hmmm... Maybe it replaced the meteor from last year. I don't know, but I think they are cool. Especially the one in the corner down by the Cove. But I'm hungry, and Rockhopper Pizza is way back by the stage. I wish the Pizza Party was still going on. Anyway, see ya next week!!!h

Saturday, April 6, 2013

New Headquarters Passes

If you saw my post a couple days ago, I was gonna set up a new headquarters beta test. It got so many likes I didn't know what to do. It went from 117 likes to 132 likes very fast. I will use this one for another test coming in May. If it passes, it will be put up on August 8, 2013. The test will be... Is the construction going well??? I don't know. Until then, we will use the default headquarters. I will be using the carpet from Headquarters to use in the beta test igloo for the new tests, so be prepared to have the plain yellow carpet for a couple weeks. I will also test music, glitches, and likes. Until then... Waddle on, and meet new friends (Especially me)!!!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Operation Hot Sauce Cheats

Hey guys. It's me Icystorm10cp, or on Club Penguin, Icystorm 9. I realized that just because I can't post pictures to help you, I can still write written walkthroughs up for you guys. This one is for Operation : Hot Sauce. Somebody has stolen the hot sauce from the Pizza Parlour!!! It is your job to recover it. See the Director in HQ.  He/She will give you a briefing. Then go to the cove. Rookie will be standing on a bunch of pizza boxes saying "Hey. Worst news. The pizza party is CANCELLED! Unless someone can find the hot sauce... can you?" Click done. Go to the pizza parlour. Jet Pack Guy will be standing on a pizza box by the reservation place. Talk to him. He will say "Nothing to see here. Oh. It's you. Looks like we've got a real mess on our hands. Rookie's at the cove telling everyone the pizza party's off. I've secured the perimeter. You look around for clues." Click done. Here are the clues. On top of the pizza oven where the hot sauce usually is, there is a tuft of fur. It is similar to the tuft of fur in PSA missions 5 and 6, because it is the same kind of fur. Click on it. It will be added to your clue briefcase. By the door, there is a metal pole right next to the booth. On the pole is a pizza stain. Click on it to get a sample. You should get a call from Gary the Gadget Guy now. He will tell you to use your gadget on your phone. Open up your Spy Phone. Open the spy briefcase. Put both things in the bin on the right side of the spy phone. It will calibrate. When it is done, it will look like it is off but is really on, so don't do anything to it. You will start to see green tracks. Follow the tracks. You should end up at the beach. If you follow the tracks far enough, you will find a secret door. Walk on it. It will open up a passage. Go inside. You have to break a lock!!! The way you do this is to click the white part of the bottom gem when it is all slowed down. Then go up one and do the same thing. Do that all the way up. The door will then open. Go in the door and find Herbert Percival Bear. He will talk to Klutzy. If you read his dialogue, you will find that Klutzy is hungry. Find a pizza box on your level. Then find a switch that has 2 options. Drain and Flood. Click on the pizza box you found. Throw it at the "Flood" Switch. It will flood Herbert's underwater base. You will float with the hot sauce up to the surface. Rookie will congratulate you. He will ask if your phone is ringing. Answer the call. It is the Director!!! You have won prizes like 5 medals and a Operation : Hot Sauce Background. If you play again, you get even more medals, but the number of medals you get goes down every time you play it. You can get unlimited medals by this. Bye!!!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sorry Guys

Hey guys. I'm sorry I haven't posted since the 7th not including the post I just sent. I got a new hard drive. It is Ubuntu. I don't know how to Screen Print on Ubuntu, so I can't post pictures. I guess both blogs have to end. Beard1 had the same hard drive as me. All blogs disappear. Bye Club Penguin Secrets. You were a good blog. I remember when I made you in May 2012. I made this blog to post cheats for people so they aren't always stuck at stuff that might be hard for them. I remember way back before that in December 2011 when I made Poptropica Secrets. That was my favourite game at the time, so I made it for fun and to help people. In July 2012, I made Atlantic Penguin Secrets to help people with all the updates in Atlantic Penguin always going around. In August 2012, I gave part of my account to Beard1, because I had a new account, Icycp. On March 3rd, 2013, I quit Atlantic Penguin. I just didn't want to play anymore. That was the last of Icystorm8. On March 6th, 2013, I made Icystorm's Club Penguin Cheats to help people by myself, and not with the help of Beard1. Today, On April 2nd, 2013, All the blogs will end. Click this link to watch me say goodbye to Atlantic Penguin. This will probably be my last post for a while until me and Beard get a better hard drive that is a Windows. Bye.

New Headquarters

 Hey guys!!! It's me, Icystorm10cp, or on Club Penguin, Icystorm 9. In case you didn't know, my default igloo is the Icystorm's Club Penguin Cheats and Club Penguin Cheats headquarters. I am posting this to tell you that I will be upgrading the headquarters!!! It will be in a new building, which is sorta sad, but I will still have parties in the old building sometimes. The place is in beta testing. It will be up for a week, but then I will change it back to the old headquarters because It is only a beta test. If it is successful, I will keep it. If it isn't, I will try again with another design. If the second design fails, I will just leave it at the current headquarters. I will be counting how many likes it gets. Here are the new features.
 *Kitchen remodeled
 *Living Room expanded with new carpet
 *Bigger Computer Desk
 *Added Puffelz Only Zone
 *Added Theater
 *Seasonal Items (Not decorations, just normal items upgraded for the season)
 *Puffelz (2, Awesome (Blue), Skittles (Rainbow))
 *New Opening Fridge
 *Free Pie
 *More decorations for parties
 I hope you guys can see the beta igloo. It will be up from April 5th to April 12th, 2013. I will make a backup in case this one is turned down. The next time to see me will be at Think Thursday, the day I update the igloo to the beta headquarters for a week. Bye!!!