Sunday, December 20, 2015

Is it worth it?

So in case you had no idea, I am on this website called Listia. Listia is basically Ebay, but instead, the currency is credits instead of USD.

On this website, I found a 3-month Club Penguin membership available for about 1 US Dollar worth of credits if you buy credits. (you can earn credits by doing tasks)

The problem is, to bid on it, I need a badge.

For this badge, I need to connect my phone and a Facebook account.

I do not own a Facebook account.

To have a facebook account, you need to use your real name and your phone.

My question is, why? I don't see why I can't just bid without a stupid badge.

UPDATE: Listia is BROKEN and I can't connect to Facebook so everything I've been doing for the last 10 minutes is pointless and a waste of money

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Stupid Magazine Book Thing: Minecraft v. LEGO

So my brother goes to a different school and they had a book fair. At the book fair, he got this magazine book about video games. (This book doesnt even note that Club Penguin exists, even with its 10th Anniversary earlier this year because this thing is possibly the worst piece of literature I've ever read in print form.)
In the book, it says that if you can build something in LEGO, you can build it in Minecraft. What they forgot to tell you is that you can't build or create any of the following in Minecraft:
anything curvy or rounded
signs that are connected to doors
boiling water
board games
any exercise equipment
a ball of any type
snow tubes
snow shoes
terracotta flower pots
most plants
beacon lamps
about 99.999% of any clothing items you may want to have at any point in time
trapdoors that arent extremely obvious
custom paintings
anything soft and yellow that isnt butt ugly
life rings
speedboats that actually look like speedboats
beach chairs
sand castles
hot dogs
drinkable water
lamps that actually look like lamps
cookie jars
cash registers
giant signs that people can actually read
dj tables
secret doors
arcade machines
any gaming console ever
clothes racks
spinny display thingys from cheesy tourist gift shops
different types of chests
cardboard boxes
minigames that dont require months of your time
manhole covers
sewer water
small things that could look like puffles if you were legally blind
fish tanks
patio furniture
table with a book on it
table with food on it
most food
moving rocks
lifeguard chairs
first aid kits
any slab or stairs of any color other than brown, white, or red
machines that i can build within 72 hours nonstop
most forms of transportation
npc's that dont look exactly the same as all the other npc's in the entire game (every cow looks the same, every pig looks the same, every sheep looks the same, every creeper looks the same, every villager looks the same. it gets annoying)

Another thing you can do in LEGO that you can't do in Minecraft is play with your friends.
Potentially, you could play Minecraft with your friend, but you'll either have to buy another computer and a new account, or you could buy a console with a game. Either way, it's gonna cost at least 50 bucks. In early 2014, I got something like 15 pounds of LEGO bricks for ten bucks. It's super cheap and I've built lots of stuff including a LEGO replica of my room, which I plan to do again with my new room that was given to me when I moved. If you want your friends to come over and play with LEGO bricks and build stuff, that's fine. If you want to play Minecraft with your friend, you'd better cough up your wallet and give it to a multimillion dollar company that the creator of the game doesn't like! (Microsoft) (I came to this conclusion by myself, I might be wrong.) Another thing: Somebody working in the game section of Microsoft is probably (not) reading this and thinking, "Hay, wii coud add dis stuffz and maek ppl hapy, or we coud add difrent types of rok intoo minceraft," and choosing the poor, terrible latter option.

Another thing I hate about Minecraft is how elaborate the servers are. The servers are so wonderful and awesome with like 98 bazillion commands but if you want to do at least 10% of that stuff, you're at a loss. Add more commands; It makes stuff a billion times easier. In LEGO, you can do whatever anyway, so it doesn't make a difference.

Side note, Minecraft had 4 major updates in 2012. Those were 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4. In the year 2015, we have received no major updates. The last major update was on September 2nd, 2014. The game is fun (a small bit), but it gets very boring when there's nothing new ever. I stopped playing in April, and really only play when there isn't internet at that moment and I have nothing better to do.
LEGO releases tons of new bricks and sets every year. Why don't you?

So shut up, stupid book magazine thing. I don't have enough time or a low enough IQ to finish reading one section of this terrible stuff. Thanx 4 nothing

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Ice Fishing: High Score

This is my high score for Ice Fishing as of November 10th, 2015 at 7:13 PM Central Standard Time.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Sharkbate the Shark and His Obnoxious and Surprisingly Annoying Reviews - Monday Misery (Garfield)

Hey guys, Storm here. Today I review an episode of Garfield that I dislike. No, I hate. No, scratch that, I loathe this episode. Now I don't mind this show. It's not bad. But today I have to talk about what is probably the worst episode of the entire series. And there is an episode where an evil plant tries to eat Garfield and Jon says that Garfield is hurting the plant. Yes, this is worse than that. I will talk about that episode at some point, but now I'm gonna talk about this episode.
So this episode begins with Jon's obnoxiously loud snoring. This is great. We're only 1 second in and I'm already annoyed. The writers obviously have no idea how annoying snoring is and they probably aren't gonna learn, so let's move on. Garfield comes in playing an accordion to the wrong notes (pulling back and forth at the same rate does not match the song playing, with different note lengths, different tones, and stuff like that) because Garfield somehow knows how to play one of those inerrantly. Then Garfield blackmails Jon into making him breakfast because he won't stop playing that awful song if he doesn't make some blueberry pancakes. It also turns out that Garfield has MORE instruments that he should know how to play waiting, just in case Jon actually wants to get a wink of sleep. Then that same annoying terrible song comes on when Jon gets up to go make breakfast. It also turns out that Garfield calls 25-30 pancakes a "short stack", explaining why he weighs at least 3 times as much as a regular cat. Garfield then proceeds to pour a whole coffee jug (the ones you see at the diner) full of syrup onto his pancakes. Jon then states that he has a penpal in Samoa. No context at all. He just comes in and says that he has a penpal in Samoa. This is obviously important because he wouldn't say it for no reason if it wasn't important to the story. Jon then says, "I forgot to tear a page off of my calendar!", a comment to which Garfield replies, "What difference does it matter what day it is?" Jon then tears off a page and it turns out that it's Monday. Monday has a terrible piece of 1 1/2 minute filler (in a 6 1/2 minute episode, lazy) that includes Garfield mauled by heavy crates, safes, and pies. The pie has an onomatopoeia word instead of a sound effect. The onomatopoeia is Splut, making a terrible joke where Garfield has no idea what that is so he gets hit in the face with a cream pie. This joke is funny because of how the character reacts. Maybe they cry. Maybe they get angry and smash thousands of Television sets to release their anger. It's not funny here because Garfield has NO EMOTION WHATSOEVER. He gets hit with the pie and he acts like nothing happened. Also, why is Garfield against Monday? He's a cat. He can do the same thing every day if he feels like it. Earlier IN THIS EPISODE he said, "What difference does it matter what day it is?" Garfield contradicts himself for no reason. He doesn't give a decent reason why he hates Mondays. He just does. He hates Mondays for no reason whatsoever. Great writing, guys! About 30 seconds later, Jon says, "Monday is just a day," which is true. He has no reason to hate Mondays. If the writers know one of the problems in their writing and don't fix it, there's a problem.
Garfield then starts walking around and suddenly a raincloud appears directly above his head and only his head so it rains on Garfield and only Garfield. He tries to hide from the rain. He finds a shed with a sign saying, "Beware of the splut." "What's a splut?" he asks, even though he just had a vision involving that word less than 5 minutes ago. He opens the door and finds a pie heading straight for him. The pie lands on his face. I said it before and I'll say it again, the pied person's reaction is what makes the pie joke funny. If the person has no reaction or emotion caused by the pie, the joke is not going to work. Garfield then walks out into an open pasture and a piano randomly falls on him for no reason at all. Since a piano falling on someone would be painful, nobody finds this funny. Garfield did nothing to deserve this. He did nothing wrong this whole episode besides annoy Jon, but nobody even remembers that because that only happened for like 15 seconds at the beginning. At home, Garfield arrives and finds that Jon is sending his Samoan friend a package. He then says, "I wonder if they have Mondays in Samoa." No crap, they have Mondays in Samoa! Every country on earth except for maybe North Korea or Cuba follows the same units of time. There is not more than one unit of time like there is with measurement. Garfield watches enough TV that he should know this! If he has seen a 14-hour-long documentary on the paperclip, he should have probably seen a clip on TV that says, "Hey kids! Did you know that the whole world uses the same unit of time?" or something along those lines. He then gets in the package without hesitation, without thinking, "Hey, maybe I'll get hurt! Maybe I'll never be able to go home again! Maybe the plane will be shot down by terrorists! Maybe I weigh 40 pounds and with me inside the package wouldn't have enough stamps for me to be able to go anywhere!" At the post office, Garfield is pounded because someone ships an anvil and it happens to come after him in the conveyer belt queue. This is cruel. NUnless its cartoony, no character should have a piano and an anvil fall on them. It's not cartoony in this, so there is no reason for this to happen. When Garfield arrives in Samoa, he finds out that in Samoa, Monday is just beginning. This doesn't make sense because air mail from the United States to Samoa would take probably 12 hours. The post office wouldn't be able to get Garfield from his house in a box to the office to the airport on a plane to Samoa and arrive within 20 hours. Garfield then finds a random building with a note saying "Gorsh" on the door. He asks himself, "What's a Gorsh?" He then opens the door even though he doesn't know what's inside. That's right, he opens the door without knowing what's inside. It could be an angry family that is very strict on privacy. It could be a booby trap. It could be..... a pie. Just like the gag we've had TWICE IN THIS 6 AND 1/2 MINUTE EPISODE ALREADY. It turns out to be a pie. It turns out that Gorsh is Samoan for Splut. Then why didn't it make the sound Splut? The locals obviously speak it if Garfield and the citizens can communicate. Oh, I know! It's because they needed to cram in another joke that we've already seen in this episode! Then the episode ends.

Well that was unpleasant. I hope I never have to do that again. Also, I'm working on a theory about Chowder (or maybe it's already up by the time this is posted, I don't know) so be sure to check out my site again soon in a couple days! Until next time, this is Storm signing out.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My 10th Anniversary Outfit

Hey guys, Storm here. Today I announced that I would be wearing a special outfit for the 10th Anniversary Party. Here is a picture of said outfit.

Now you may be wondering, "Hay STorm, y did u choose such a whacky outfit 4 da party?" Well I'm gonna tell you why. First of all, I chose the background as a memory of what Club Penguin originally looked like. I chose the pin because it looks cool and it has my favorite party hat on it.
I chose the Card-Jitsu Snow Beta Hat as a head item. I chose this because it's my favorite party hat that isn't the 7th Year Party Hat (which I don't own because I missed the party) and it was so fun testing Card Jitsu Snow. I also feel this hat is underused. Do you see betas walking around with clothes from the July 2014 Penguin Style? No, they wear their Party Hats. Here we have this wonderful collectors item, and nobody ever wears it.
For my face item I chose the Black Sunglasses. I made this decision because, as shown at the 8th Anniversary Party, the Black Sunglasses were the first face item made for the game. About this, I have a confession. I don't have ID-101 Black Sunglasses. I have ID-10101 Black Sunglasses unlockable from Herberts Revenge. I still chose these because nobody will notice.
For my neck item I chose the oldest neck item I have. This item is the Blue Scarf. I chose this because it's old and I wanted to use it to show that I care about old stuff.
For my body item (which is a type of item I rarely use, neither in my regular outfit or my Water Vikings uniform) I chose the Snowflake T-Shirt. I chose this for the same reason as the Blue Scarf.
For my Hand Item I chose the Hockey Stick for the same reason I chose the Black Sunglasses.
For my feet item, I chose the Black Sneakers. I chose them because I always wanted the Black Sneakers and they finally came on sale in August, so I jumped at the chance. I never found a chance to wear them to an event and they look cool and old, so I will wear them now.
I chose the color Red because it contrasts nicely with light blue, but so do Orange and Dark Purple. During the party I will be constantly and randomly switching between these three colors.
So that's why I chose these items! Until next time, this is Storm signing off.

Monday, September 28, 2015

How I Would Make a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Video Game

Hey guys, Storm here. Lately I've been sick, and because of that, I've had to spend a lot of time in my room. Since I can't go to school or do stuff, I have a lot of time to think. And earlier today I started thinking about how I would make a TMNT video game. I think I've made a good enough list, so here you go.

  • Use the 2003 Ninja Turtle designs 
            You tell me which one looks like he could actually do some damage. This one....

Or this one?
Do you see what I mean?
  • Use cameras to my advantage   
           All four of the current video game systems (3DS, Wii U, Xbox One, Playstation 4) all have cameras in one way or another, be it in the controller like Wii U, attached to the screen like 3DS, or sold separately like Xbox Kinect. There could be a setting in the game that can turn the camera on or off and can sense if you are engaged or not and can control how powerful your player is. It is off by default and is in the medium amount of power when camera mode is not on. This is available for people with 3DS, Wii U, Xbox Kinect, Playstation Move, and Webcam. Cameras are not necessary to play the game.

  • Make new villains
We've seen the Shredder a million times. He's in all 6(?) movies. We need a new main villain with some new smaller ones along the way. I don't know who or what yet, but we need some new ones.

  • Make it look like a cartoon
The year is 2015. If we started today, we'd have a lot of work to get done. We'd have to get permission from Viacom, Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, Apple, and a few more companies. We'd need a storyline, a development team, coders, graphic designers, voice actors, and then we need to beta test it, put it on the disks and cartridges, and ship it off to stores. We would also need some epic DLC with a bunch of new areas, missions, levels, and characters available to buy in the store (it won't even let you know there's DLC unless you visit that part of the store). By the time we get all this done, the game will probably be released in mid to late 2017. By that time, computer geniuses will have figured out how to fit so much more space on a disk or 3DS card. There will be less space required for dialogue and code, and more space that we can have for wonderful HD graphics. They can look exactly like they would in a cartoon. I hear that Gravity Falls is getting a DS game that looks kinda like the cartoon. What I mean in short is, I don't want a 3D character. I want a hand-drawn character with a black outline and shadows according to where the light source is. To make this easier, you might put some dim lights on one wall of the sewer instead of lights on both walls and above. 

  • Epic DLC
Nobody likes bad DLC. By "bad DLC" I mean DLC that you need to buy to finish the game, expensive DLC, season passes, DLC with missions that aren't very good, stuff like that.
     Let's look at Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force. This DS game was released in late 2008 and came with 13 missions. Once you completed those missions, you got to complete mini-missions around the island. Once you were done with those, you could use WiFi to download missions. These missions were really cool and fun. They were also free, so if you didn't like them you didn't feel ripped off.
      I feel like I should do that too, if I do get to work on a TMNT video game. I will have a smaller DLC for free with a small mission and maybe a costume pack for a character, and then I will have a big DLC for around 15 bucks with 5 missions and some new areas that were hidden before. In those areas, there is a bunch of stuff such as a trading system where you can trade certain costume packs for other costume packs with other players. There will also be a chest with 4-5 costume packs for some of our main heroes. I like what Poptropica does with costume packs on their app. There are a bunch of free costume packs, but there are some cool ones with 3-4 costumes for 99 cents a piece. That's also a good idea.

  • Tie-in episode of the show
Since Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is always popular with kids, an episode of the show could only help promotion. The Turtles could go on a mission similar to the one in the game, but with a different means of defeating the villain. The same villain might be pulling off the same stunt in the same way, but the Turtles might have a cool new way to defeat him/her.

  • Advertising on Nickelodeon
Since Turtles is owned by Nickeolodeon, I'm sure they wouldn't mind airing a few ads during commercial breaks of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The speaker could say something similar to "You're watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Nickelodeon! If you'd like to see what mission the Turtles are going on next, try the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game, available on PC, 3DS, Wii U, Xbox One, and PS4!" A bunch of kids would ask for it for Christmas or their birthday, lots of money for me, some goes to Nick and Viacom. There would be a ton of money in sales, and the company would look back and say, "It was worth it," because they gave up 10 seconds of adspace for a promotion of a game about their show, and a portion of the millions watching bought the game.

Those are my ideas! What do you think about this? Would you like a Turtles game this way? I know I would! Until next time, this is Storm signing off.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


So I know I haven't posted here much lately because I moved and then I was on vacation, but this is IMPORTANT. Watch this video, especially if you are a fan of Teen Titans from 2003. I need this video to see as many people as possible. Watch this video, do what it says. When you get to the message part, state how you want Teen Titans Go cancelled (only if you do, which I do, but I don't know about you), and how the original Teen Titans should be renewed for a 6th season with all the original crew, as many of the previous writers, animators, voice actors, mainly writers and voice actors, creators, execs, animators, producers, and editors returning. Until next time, this is Storm signing out.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sharkbate the Shark and His Obnoxious and Surprisingly Annoying Reviews - Avatar: The Last Airbender

Hey guys, Storm here. Recently, (by recently I mean last Friday) I visited my pal Ethan's house and borrowed his DVDs of Avatar: The Last Airbender. I was binge watching this show until Monday, when I woke up with a sinus infection, a 99 degree fever (which is pretty high, my normal is 95), and since then I only watch like 8 episodes at most per day. Anyway, since AVATAR: TLA was divided into different sections using Books, I feel reviewing each book first and then the series in total is the simplest way of doing this. NOTE: THERE WILL BE SPOILERS IN THIS REVIEW. IF YOU DIDN'T KNOW THAT, YOU'RE EITHER STUPID OR JUST THE KIND OF PERSON WHO JUST READS AND DOESN'T REALLY PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT JUST HAPPENED.

Book 0: Pilot
For anyone reading who hasn't seen the pilot, you can watch it by clicking these five words.

The pilot's storyline is very confusing, but very simple. Aang, Sokka, Kya (Katara), and Momo were flying around on Appa and they land on some island for some reason. It turns out that Zuko, the banished prince, was on that island as well. Then, Sokka goes out somewhere to find some food. He finds some red berries, and decides to eat them.... for.... some.. reason..... He turns around to find Fire Nation soldiers (voiced by the same person who voices Zuko) riding rhinos. The soldiers capture him because.... Uhhh... Can I have some help here please? Why they were just wandering around, I don't know, but that's not important. They take Sokka into custody. Aang and Kya get suspicious and find Sokka in the construction site for a Zuko statue. Sokka and Kya are thrown into a prison pit. Aang fights off Zuko... In a way. Kya notices that water is leaking into the pit from above, and uses the water to flood the hole and escape. Aang grabs Sokka and Kya and flies away. Whilst flying, Aang flies directly above Momo and a basket of food, forcing Sokka into them both. They then fly away. The pilot ends at this point, roll credits.

Wait a second, did I say simple? WHAT KIND OF A PERSON AM I?
A terrible liar, I guess.

Where were they headed? I don't know.
Where did Momo come from? I don't know.
Why didn't they have food? I don't know.
Why did Sokka eat the berries that could potentially be poisonous? I don't know.
Why were the soldiers just walking through the woods? I don't know.
Why did Zuko just throw Sokka and Kya into a pit instead of a cell? I don't know.
Why was Kya's name changed from Kya to Katara in the real show? To mess up my mind and get her name mixed up with my friend Huntara's name, which is a pretty bad reason to change a character's name.

Also note that Aang is voiced by a different person in the final series.

Book 1: Water
Now, I'm not going to explain this one's plot for you, you are going to have to watch for yourself.
I like the first chapter very well. I like how Huntara Katara just straight out yells at Sokka for being immature 6-year-old brat. I like the animation on how the boat was smashed. You know, it's the small things that count, or however that saying goes. I like the penguin sliding part. The second chapter was also excellent. The scene in Chapter 3 where we see the Avatar state and Monk Gyatso or however it's spelled was very surprising and if your mother wanted you to turn off the TV and go outside during that scene, I would be sure that at least one person would chop off someone's head with a giant guillotine. The Kioshi Island chapter was completely necessary, but came too early in the series. The Bumi ending of chapter 5 was quite surprising. Not a disappointing surprise, like I get almost every time I get a surprise, but a happy surprise. It was awesome to see Aang in the spirit world in the Winter Solstice double-episode. It was very satisfactory watching the Blue Spirit chapter, and watching Zuko kidnap Aang as the blue spirit. It made you think a little. Why would he kidnap him? So he can bring him to his father and earn his honor back, or so he believed. As for the Siege of the North chapters, they're too good for words. What a coincidence that Sokka and Katara's grandmother was engaged the waterbending master!
Book rating: 9 out of 10, I wasn't a fan of the Northern Air Temple chapter.

Book 2: Earth
Read the first sentence of my review of Book 1 before proceeding.
While the Avatar State episode was quite annoying and disappointing, the next episode, the Cave of Two Lovers involved a later-famous song, Secret Tunnel. The Return to Omashu wasn't that bad, and it saw the return of a few side characters. The Blind Bandit was one of those episodes that you can't miss or else you have no idea what's going on. Very entertaining indeed. As for the Zuko Alone episode, I don't see why they couldn't just use these as like half of the episode with another story involving Aang and the other people. The next episode was titled The Chase. In this episode, uhhh, Azula hurts her relatives. I don't really remember much more than that. I give this episode a thummz down. The episode Bitter Work resolved some conflicts and taught some message of some kind. The message was: If your friend is gone too long, look for him. I LOVED The Library. The owl was creepy, omnipotent, and omnipresent, making him more creepy. We also discovered some valuable information. This episode started a longer plot as well: The hunt for Appa. So they look for Appa over the next few episodes. During these episodes, Toph hopes to die, some kid is born, the Fire Nation try to break into Ba Sing Se, and some other stuff happens. They find Appa, and Aang visits a Guru to learn how to control the Avatar State. He then opens some door thingamajigs (I never actually caught their name) so he can control the Avatar state. For the last thingamajig to open so he can enter and exit the avatar state at will, he needs to let go of all he loves. He finally learns to do that. But then he sees that Huntara Katara is in danger, and he needs to go. The guru then states that if he quits now, the last door thing will be locked. He leaves anyway. So eventually Huntara Katara is in this one bunkercaveprison place under the lake and it just so happens that Zuko is there too. I don't really remember too much from this episode, but anyway, continuing, Aang and Sokka show up at the cave and Azula shows up at the cave and I think General Iroh shows up at the cave as well. So then Azula fights Aang and Aang dies and everyones sad now and the book is over.
Book Rating: 8/10 I wasn't too happy when the baby's name was Hope in the Serpent's Pass. That name is the 233rd most popular name. Yeah. I looked it up. Most of the episodes weren't very memorable, and looking at the episode list to see which ones to review, I had no idea what most were about. I forgot in less than 2 weeks. That's like 15 episodes. Forgotten in less than 2 weeks.
Toph Literally Wants to Drown, No Kidding

Book 3: Fire
This was probably the best out of all of them. Aang with hair is pretty weird, though. It tells a decent story. It features not only a double-episode story, but also a 4-part episode. Zuko joins the gang, surprising many. The design of the western air temple is quite creative as well. The lion turtle seen in the pilot has returned and is better than you, so shut up and leave it alone. The ending was quite creative, and it was very nice to see the heroes get what they deserve. The Fire Nation is defeated and the war is over. Zuko is the Fire Lord. ZUKO IS THE FIRE LORD. It was crazy how he was only on the good side for less than 15 episodes, and we still liked it when he became Fire Lord. Why? Because the writers know what they are doing. Most writers don't have a clue about anything and have never been so unsure about anything in their life. Michael Dante Dimartino and Bryan Konietzo did well, and we will be forever thankful.
This has been Avatar: The Last Airbender. If you were wondering why Books 1&2 were reviewed so differently from Book 3, books 1&2 were reviewed around April 10th, and the Book 3 review was written on May 17th and I was busy with softball and school.
Until next time, this is Storm signing off.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Here's Why I Haven't Been Posting Lately

So, no introduction sentence. Let's get down to business. I'm moving June 1st, and it will take a couple weeks to get my stuff packed up and then moved and then unpacked. My problem is, my house has wayyyyyy too much stuff in it. I would have a pic ready, but my camera and my phone are dead and they take forever to charge. So lately I've been packing stuff up. I've also had lots of school stuff to do. For example, yesterday was the track meet. It lasted for 8 hours. Next week I have softball practice every day except for Wednesday, and the tournament is on Saturday. Don't worry, though, as I will be posting at least twice a week starting sometime in Late June to early July. Bye!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sharkbate the Shark and His Obnoxious and Quite Surprisingly Annoying Reviews: It Never Ends

      Hey guys, Storm here. Today I am going to review something. Not a party, but a song. For this type of media, I have a new thingymabobber that I will use specifically when reviewing movies and music. TV has another name. Well, now that that's out of the way, let's get to the point. Today I am going to review a song by Bring Me The Horizon. Not the crappy Bring Me The Horizon, but the cool one with death metal and crap. The song I review today is called "It Never Ends."
     The main point of this song is that this guy from the band has a girlfriend that won't leave him alone and is probably wasting minutes and texts on her phone because she won't leave him alone as I type and you read. The song is pretty fun, except for a few parts that feel out of place. For example, that boring part where just normal not death metal music plays for about 20-30 seconds. What's the point? Is he dying? There is no indication.
     Also, there's the music video. The music video makes no sense whatsoever and has pretty much nothing to do with the song. Let's see, shall we? This guy is in an ambulance and he's dying. He's losing blood fast, and he needs to get to a hospital. In that note, the ambulance is also chased by a bunch of pointless zombies. LOTS TO DO WITH THE SONG, EPITAPH! (That was sarcastic, but you couldn't tell, unless you have physic powers because I am typing and I cannot add any tone to words that are written). Then the nurse sees the zombies chasing the ambulance and calls up the mummy driving the ambulance instead of, oh, I don't know, TALKING TO HIM, and tells mummyface to lose the zombies. Next thing I know, the guy with like no blood is standing on the roof screaming. Also, it's day. Wasn't it just night 2 seconds ago? Won't it just be night in 2 seconds? Yep. 2 seconds later, the guy is back inside the ambulance talking to the nurse. Oh, now he's on the roof again. Oh, he's flying now. Mummyface is still driving. Oh, back to the flying guy. Oh, now we are back to the main plot with the totally forgotten zombies chasing the ambulance. Oh wait, hold it. They're vampires all of a sudden. And now the guy is flying again. Zombies  Vampires, flying. Vampires, flying. It just goes back and forth for a while. Eventually the nurse cuts open his stomach. Why? Well, good question. Maybe he has that thing where the stomach acid burns through the inside of his stomach. Will we ever find out? NOPE. NEVER. Oh wait, back to flying and a few shots of the zombies vampires that were chasing the ambulance. Oh, look, his kidney! How cool! Someone's removed kidney always looks cool! Oh, kidney out the back window now for some reason. Oh, and now the nurse's stunt double is a zombie vampire as well. Oh, and doesn't the nurse kinda remind anybody of Natasha from the live-action Rocky and Bullwinkle movie? Nobody? It's just me? Okay.
     So the ambulance pulls up to some kind of courthouse hospital from a Ronald Reagan movie some part of something. The doctors get the guy with 1 kidney into the hospital that for some reason has no lights on. Well okey dokey, then, video. Oh, he's flying again.
So then he's in the hospital and the doctors are acting like they have no idea what they are doing, because they don't.
The guy ends up holding his own heart. Then we look at some cliffs and stuff. Oh, and he's flying again!
Okay, I'm done. The vampires are back, and guess what, HE'S FLYING AGAIN! So the zombie vampire thingies try to get in. So he is in pain and the zombies are trying to break in and he wants to die. The zombies break in and guess what? THE VIDEO IS OVER. HOLY CRAP, THAT MADE NO SENSE WHATSOEVER.
Song: 8/10
Video: 2/10
In total, this song and video combined gets a 16% rating. Really, that's it. Until next time, this is Storm being obnoxious and suprisingly annoying. This is Storm, signing off.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Poptropica: Stay or Go?

A couple weeks ago, I posted a new blog post with reasons why I might possibly quit Poptropica. I was thinking about it for a while. It's not like I play it that much anyway. I am quitting Minecraft as soon as I finish the Anniversary Parties for my Minecraft World on PMC, anyway. This would leave me with just Club Penguin. Yep. Just Club Penguin. Club Penguin. That one game that I play but not very often. Yep. No kidding. Nothing but Club Penguin. If you haven't gotten my point by now, I can't do that. Sure, I like Club Penguin and all, but that's because I have a history with it. If I joined CP today, I would probably quit immediately. Why? Club Penguin is falling apart and nothing is being done to fix it. The game is filled to the brim with bugs, puffles, and problems. The employees don't listen to the players. There is way too much puffle stuff even when nobody wants it because the employees don't listen to the players, and there are bugs that aren't being fixed because the employees don't listen to the players. See my problem? This is why I can't quit Poptropica. Poptropica is the only think keeping me sane. And with the rumors that RockYou, a company that makes money out of video ads, may buy Club Penguin, I most certainly can't quit Poptropica. Thank you.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Coming Soon to Icystorms Igloo

  • Avatar: The Last Airbender TV Show Review
  • The Legend of Korra TV Show Review
  • The Last Airbender Movie Review
  • The Kids Aren't Alright - The Future of my Friends and Classmates
  • More Art on the Custom Art page
  • Crap Animations Page
  • All of Season 1 Uploaded to Icystorms Igloo
  • Crap Animations Commercial Advertising the site
  • Possibly an Icystorms Igloo merchandise shop?

Monday, March 23, 2015

Crap Animations

Crap Animation - Episode 1 by Comicbookfan91 on GoAnimate

Welcome to Icystorm's Igloo, guys! I'm super excited! The first episode of Crap Animations is now available! You can watch them here, or you can visit GoAnimate to watch them. The link is if you want to watch all my other videos not available on my YouTube channel. Until next time, this is Storm, signing off.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Why I Might Quit Poptropica.... Yet Again

Hey guys, Storm here. Lately, I have been thinking about Leaving Poptropica What will this be, like, my 3rd or 4th departure since 2012? I can't even remember anymore. It's too much to count. I have already cancelled my recurring membership twice in favor of other things. Now,  I might just quit and possibly hand my account out to somebody that I know can handle it, and leave forever. I do love Poptropica so very much, as stated last fall, when I was very close to leaving permanently until Poptropica convinced me to stay. But now, I don't know. If I do quit, I will probably return every once in a while when a new island comes out, but other than that, I probably won't be online much. This is pretty much the final straw. Here are a few reasons why.

Galactic Hot Dogs Advertising
I don't mind advertising for one of the products coming from Poptropica's partner site, but there is Galactic Hot Dogs everywhere. Billboards, login prizes, ad buildings, videos popping up in random places sometimes, kiosks, minigames, quests (app), and now it even has its own island. Now, if GHD had a good story with lovable and relatable characters, was suitable for small children, and was easy to understand, then it would be an okay choice to advertise. There is a problem with all of these factors though.
Good story - I don't know about you guys, but I think GHD has a terrible story. Yes, I know, I've only read a few of the publishings, but I know that it isn't that good. Oh, they're trying to win a cooking contest? Why don't we watch a show that has the exact same plotline? Plenty of people agree with me on the fact that watching TV is easier than reading a book. With TV, you can just sit down, flick through channels, find something you like, and sit there for 15-45 minutes, adapting to the storyline, checking out all the visual effects, etc. 
Lovable Characters - I don't like Cosmoe that much. He seems to talk about butts a lot. For some reason, I find that disturbing. He also is pretty cruel to animals. In just the first issue, he showed us his friend, Goober. Goober is basically a parasite. He is permanently stuck on Cosmoe's arms, because if he gets off, he will die. Basically, Cosmoe is the only reason he is alive. Goober is also pretty helpful. He can carry stuff as if he was a third hand. He can also transform into other objects. Goober probably helped in the building of the Neon Wiener, Cosmoe's spaceship, as well. How does Cosmoe repay Goober? Using him as a fart dampener. That's right, he crushes this poor, helpless being by sitting on him, farting on him, and forcing him to inhale the fumes through his nostrils and his skin. What a jerk!
Relatable Characters - Have you guys ever been chased by a robot mob for taking (or just transporting) a giant 200-pound hot dog that you needed to win a cooking battle with? Me neither. This is basically all they do in this series, from what I can tell. But that's just me. If you can get something out of it other than that, good for you, but I have a hard time believing that a bunch of 6-year-olds will get anything new out of it.
Suitable for small children - No way. If you have even read the first issue, you would know this is not okay for 9 year olds, much less 6 year olds, one of Poptropica's main age groups. Let me just copy down a paragraph from the very first page of the series.
         "Dude, this thing is the size of a freaking Jeep! People are going to love the Mega-Dog!" I exclaim.
Did you guys see that. The size of a freaking Jeep.
Freaking Jeep.
And here's Poptropica, advertising this to a bunch of 6-year-olds. What happens when their parent's asked where they learned that word and the kids say, "Poptropica"? Memberships cancelled, website banned with threat of 2 week grounding. Yep. Maybe some parent's won't mind, but hey, when I was 6, if I said that, I was in deep trouble. Maybe I'm being too tough on Poptropica. They do own GHD in a way. They need a way to advertise it, but maybe it should be on other websites with AdSense instead. Neahhh, Poptropica needs the beat-down every once in a while just like any good franchise.
Easy to understand - No. I don't know if Princess Dagger is a friend or a foe, frankly. I think I've said enough.

Episodic Islands - In 2013, Poptropica was experimenting with a new play layout. This was a pretty good choice except for a few problems.
1: No Islands for about 9 Months
2: They Got Rid of the Daily Pop button.
Now, let's talk about #1, because #2 isn't that big of a problem.
No new quests for 9 months. This is a terrible thing to do. If they released a new island every 3 months and let the new layout construction take a few more months, that's okay with me. Now, I note that they still haven't moved very far in finishing it, as the Inventory for Store Items is still broken and incomplete after 2 years of construction. This is not my main problem with it though. No, I haven't mentioned it yet, believe it or not. My main problem is this. Because they weren't releasing that many islands, they decided to release Episodic islands to get the quests out quicker. With that, they released Survival Island as the first episodic island ever. Survival Island did not have a blimp, because it crashed. This is a great plotline for Survival island, but they should have just released it all as one island. Think about what Cryptids Island would look like if it was released in episodes! YUCK!!!!!! Anyway, not only did Survival Island have no blimp, but it also came out in 5 episodes. Once about every other month. Yes, it took longer to make 7 Episodes (Including 2 from Mission:Atlantis, which, in my opinion, is pretty strange) than it would if they just made 2 full non-episodic islands. Also, the No Blimp thing from Survival island has appeared in the 3 other episodic islands and the latest full island, GHD. THE BLIMP IS POPTROPICAS LOGO, FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, I just HATE that they released in episodes.

Comics - Comics were nice, and the story went very well. Then they waited about 3 or 4 months. Then, they didn't release new comics. They decided to make a comic book. A COMIC BOOK. In the comic book, they introduced 2 new characters to the story, while still keeping Jorge and Oliver in the story. Now here's the problem. Why don't we see those characters in the comics? Also, there are the blog posts. EVERY SINGLE WEEKDAY THEY RELEASE A NEW BLOG POST ABOUT THE STUPID BOOK WITH A TERRIBLE STORY ABOUT HOW A GUY WAS MENTALLY ILL AND SABOTAGED EVERYONE TO THEIR DEATH!j

Spam posts - Poptropica has released a ton of blog posts talking about how there's a new page to their stupid book. This worked okay with the comic strip, because they only released a new blog post once a week. Now, with a new post every day about a new page, I would say that the blog in the past month has been 80% Mystery of the Mappz pages.

Missing Shark Boy - In the past year, Poptropica has almost completely removed Shark Boy from existence. He used to be their mascot. Now they use Dr. Hare as a main character. Dr Hare is a mentally insane scientist. Most of the time, they are only villains, not helpful character. Shark Boy has been replaced by Dr. Hare at his position of holding a pencil on the Daily Pop Sneak Peeks. Almost all of Shark Boy's old posts on the Poptropica Creator's Blog have been replaced by posts identical, but by Dr Hare. They have removed all Shark Boy figures from their toy page. Shark Boy is my favorite character, and they replaced him with an insane bozo who think's he's a pink rabbit. How stupid.

See what I mean?

Until next time, Poptropica or not, this is Storm signing off.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Great Club Penguin Party Ideas

Hey guys, Storm here. Yes, I know, I need to do reviews for the School/Skate party as well as the ongoing SoundStudio party, but until then, I have some great ideas that I feel would make some pretty great parties. Thanks to Chillin43 for his magnificent work on Club Penguin Thoughts/Perspective for inspiring me.

1: Brown Puffle Expedition
Yes, I know that this already happened, but wouldn't it be really cool if it happened again? I mean, like, I love the idea of visiting a party I could have visited if I was just a few months earlier in joining. I would love to see a shortage in Brown puffles, so we have to go back to the Brown Puffle's cave to get a few more (like 100 out of the, I don't know, but there has to be at least 500) so players can adopt more. It would boost the ratings of the highly underrated brown puffle, who is technically the best puffle ever. Think about it. They can build spaceships out of nothing in a second. They have their own little society in that cave of theirs. They somehow got cookies. They can help G (who is currently cuckoo in the noggin) build inventions similar to the time trekker. They build SHRINK RAYS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! Anyway, sorry for getting off topic. So here's how it works.
Puffles are running low at the pet shop, but luckily, just last Thursday (we all know it has to be Thursday, guys) Gary discovered that the Brown puffle can mix genes with other puffles and not only create those same puffle types, but possibly new types of puffles like the slightly rumored in 2012 Magenta Puffle. This could boost the server rankings (like they have more penguins on them, currently I have no idea what to call it) with all the old penguins that left years ago, like Heatblast, Oscar One, and possibly even the original Vital Viper. This will also be exciting for new players, learning what it would be like to have visited this party in 2011.
Gary has called up Rory, who has just become a newly relevant character, to cut down a few trees by the dock so we can get into the wilderness. Remember that one path with the wilderness explorer hats on it at the beginning of the quest? I would love to see that path with weeds and giant plants, with that box being decayed and all the hats inside soggy and mildewwy. Then, in the maze, it would be darker, but with branches falling out of the trees, and possibly a few sightings of the puffle creatures (deer, raccoon, bat) in certain areas. Otherwise, the maze will be the same. Then we get to Gary's invention. That is old, falling apart, and is kind of worn down. Like, a lot. We then get a list of supplies that we need to get from the Ski Lodge, for example, some dominoes, a rope, a fishing pole, a couch cushion, and a crate. Then, you go back through the maze (or use the map) to go to the Ski Lodge. You then have to click on the items that you need. Once you have them all, you can go back, and you won't have to go through the maze again. Then, click on the machine. Then you figure out where the pieces go, with one little hint from Gary, but only one for all the items. Once the machine is built, you travel down to to the shore. The boat is deconstructed, and you have to build it, just like the 2011 party, but you will need a life vest to get across. This time, the life vest is for all players. You then can hop into the boat by waddling to it, and then clicking the sail to make it go towards the cave. Once you are on the shore, your boat will crash into a rock by the shore, because it sailed away in the sudden wind, and on the shore there is a free item box with backgrounds of what the cave looked like in the first party. Maybe, just maybe, there will be another free for all box with the Sailor Cap in it for all players, so players who do not have the app can still obtain it. Then, members can enter the Brown Puffle cave, and it seems as if they are striving better than Generation 1 of Brown Puffles with technology and such. It seems as if they have grown their own genetically modified O'Berry Bushes that create giant O'berries 2.5 times bigger than normal O'Berries. We then get to carry 5 brown puffles on our shoulders and play a Puffle Rescue-type minigame to get them to shore with the pieces left of our boat still floating around. There will be 1 level only, but it will be the length of 2. Once we are on shore, you fall asleep. When you wake up, it turns out that you have been moved to the Pet Shop. This will feature an animation similar to that of the one at the end of PSA Mission 2. Anyway, PH says that you were brave and helpful in helping the Brown Puffles that were adoptable not only be replenished, but they are now smarter because of watching what the new generation also helped the original set grow smarter. You now win a new cave igloo. I don't mean like the normal cave igloo already available, I mean a cave with a little bit of iron ore, aluminum ore, whatever they mined for in the mine, and one tiny chunk of silver, and a tinier chunk of gold. That kind of cave. Your brown puffle, is now also smarter and can do a new trick exclusive to brown puffles. That is build. He builds something cool, like for example, a lamp, rocking horse, vacuum, modern art, or beanbag. That item will be in that location until you log off. Other players will not see it, but it will be super cool.

2: Camp Penguin
No, I don't mean like the original Camp Penguin, with like the campsite with marshmallow sticks and the tents and stuff. I mean like a children's summer camp. The beach could be the signup area. This specific room that penguins are sent to directly from login. This is the first room they see.  This room would work well with a signup area by the lighthouse. This idea kinda reminds me of the Save the Migrator event of 2008. There will be 2 mascots sitting behind the signups table, helping penguins sign up. PH and Sensei are very underused, so I think they would be a good fit. Sensei is old and wise, and PH is very intelligent and adventurous, something helpful in a summer camp counselor.  Around the table, there will be signs advertising Camp Penguin. Then, the dock is the lake. The dock features a minigame featuring a diving contest jumping into the ocean off the dock(lake for this specific party), but there will also be another boat. No, not a speedboat like Hydrohopper (which will still be there, but the boat will look like a pontoon) this boat will be a canoe. In this game, you can have canoe races with up to 3 other penguins. To win, you have to answer the most correct out of 15 questions about Club Penguin. It will be a trivia game. The winner gets a gold trophy igloo item. Winning a second time will give you nothing, but winning a third time will get you a trophy shelf (or case, whatever it's called) igloo item for your igloo. Nonmembers can have 3 total, while members can get up to 5 per day.
The town center will be cabin row. there will be a dirt path leading from the dock to the snow forts, and to each of the 3 buildings, each being transformed into a camp-related building. The coffee shop will be a camper's cabin, with a bunk bed or two in the coffee shop  part, but there will be a door leading to the bean counters, smoothie smash, and coffee shop counter area (called the minikoffee)
for this party only. The nightclub danceclub being transformed into the art building where the kids build and draw art to take home after the 2-week camping session is finished. The gift shop Clothes Shop will be turned into a gift shop, like previously named, for canteens, hiking sticks, power bars, etc. The area behind the counter where the Hawaiian Lei and Party Hat (aka Beta Hat) currently reside will hold pictures of the 2007 Camp Penguin along with the free item, the Marshmallow stick, and a piece of the bridge crossing the river at the cove.
The Snow Forts will be transformed into a kind-of hiking woods. There will be hiking trails with dirt paths and lots of trees here, kind of like the start of the Wilderness Expedition (original, not the one imagined by me) room, or possibly like the maze from the same party.
The plaza will not be transformed too much. There will be some shrubbery on the ground, but the buildings aren't too different. The pet shop and hotel will look the same, but instead of the archway to the park, there will be a wooden sign with the word "Park" on it with an arrow pointing toward the entrance. The stage will look like an old ruined shack from long ago. The pizza parlor will be the Mess Hall, or the Dining Hall, if you want to call it that. This is because the Pizza Parlor seemed like such a great fit as the mess hall during the 2007 Camp Penguin. The stage will have a new play, a spinoff of Quest for the Golden Puffle, named Quest of the Ancient Tree Dryad, where they look for a dryad, (a tree monster) in the forest behind the Ski Lodge previously seen in Operation:Puffle. The play will have the set of the Rapids (Operation Puffle room), but with more land than that. They will eventually find a tree dryad and have to stop it from scaring puffles.
The forest will be similar, but the river will flow from the top of the room to the bottom. This river will flow out of the island. Anyway, There will be a bit more trees, and the waterfall will be taller.
The mine shack will be a little area where the mine is entered via hiking down a dirt trail into a cave instead of the mine's pink outside building. The school will be a cave as well, but it will have makeshift doors made of pine wood, the most common wood in Club Penguin.
 The cove will also have a waterfall similar to how it did before, and the surf shop will not be there. There will be 3 or 4 surfboards leaning up on the cliff, so just in case you wanted to go surfing, you could. There would also be an exclusive minigame here where you can ride down the waterfall. I haven't figured out much of how that will work yet, but it's late here in the US, so I'll figure that out later.

3: The Time Trekker Concept
This idea is by Chillin43's original website, Club Penguin Perspective. You no longer can visit this site, but the blog archive has been uploaded to his current blog, Club Penguin Thoughts. A few short minutes before typing this post up, I finished reading all the posts on the website.
For this party, you can visit important events in Club Penguin history, and visit the locations that they took place in. For example, you could visit the Beta Test Party. You couldn't pick up the party hat, but you could visit it. The next day, you could visit the Plaza Opening Party. Then the Underground Pool Opening Party. Then the Cove Opening Party. Then the Danceclub Reopening Party, and so on. This would also feature new rooms, like you could visit the Puffle Party 2014, but only the Plaza and the Park. Nothing More. For the beta party, you could visit the Town and the Coffee Shop. Plaza Opening Party, the Plaza, Snow Forts, Pet Shop, and Pizza Parlor. The Cove Opening Party the Forest and Cove, and the Nightclub reopening party, strictly the nightclub. Get my point? But this party may need a plotline, but in case that happens, I have one. Gary created a wormhole when he was trying to pick up Garianna and Gariwald VIII to go visit Garugg in the past. Characters from one family line cannot go together at the same time, so therefore, all of Gary's relatives have been spread about throughout the past and the future. We get to visit a bit of each character's time. Garugg: Prehistoric Party, 2 rooms. Garianna, 1600s: 3 Rooms. Gariwald VIII: 1850s, 2 Rooms, all of normal gary's time, and Gary 3000's time in the future. We get to visit these, but along the way, you have to stop in a few time zones to pick up fuel, because the time trekker runs on Grass, which is pretty obviously uncommon in Club Penguin. There is more grass in certain time zones. Gary collects grass while you explore the time of CP's history that you are currently in, solving minor problems along the way, like at the end of EPF DS. Once all 13 missions are done, there are still minor problems. Missing Tour Guide, Missing Puffles, Mixed Up Igloo, The Penguin is lost, his puffle is behaving strangely, etc. These missions usually do not require any agent skills or anything agent-like for that matter. Neither will the ones implemented during this party. One penguin is concerned about the pizza parlor being too crowded since everyone has to eat inside with the patio tables and chairs being replaced by the Stage just a mere month ago, for example. Once we visit all important  parts of CP's history, we can then travel to the time of Gary's relatives. Once we collect them all, we can leave Gary behind while we take the one character back to the correct time zone. This will be in the form of a mini-game similar to the Snow Trekker game on the DS. Click and drag for the Time Trekker to move across a vortex map of Club Penguin from 5000 BC (150 Million, if you believe its that old) to AD 3000 where Gary 3000 lives. The biggest part of the vortex map will be main CP. To go to the selected time period, click on that time period normally while the time trekker is on it. Once all is fixed, nonmembers get 3 free items. The Time Hat, the Warp Costume (from Teen Titans episode "How Long is Forever?") and the Meateor of the Future (A Space Meteor made of dinosaur meat. We already killed plenty when we played Dino Dig, so killing more is okay, in CP's book) and members will, like one of the previous quests, earn a new igloo, along with a new igloo location. The igloo location will be the warp zone. It will appear similar to what it looks like through the windshield when traveling from the present to the past in the Prehistoric Party. The igloo itself will be Gariwald's mansion. It will feature 3 areas. The main entryway, the library, and the kitchen/dining room. It will look similar to Gariwald's original mansion, but more compact, and with no furniture, only walls and flooring. If you get the special edition Gariwald's mansion code from the Gariwald's Mansion playset that was released before the party, you can get an igloo that has separate rooms. Gariwald's mansion will look similar to the one that members earn at the end of the party, but has a door in the back leading to another section with 3 more rooms. The playset will cost $39.95 USD and will cost a similar price in other currencies.

I love these ideas. When they hit me, instant room designs came to mind. If I can, I will try to team up with SandorL and Snowpenguincat to help these get real SWFs that look like they are from Club Penguin. Then, I will send them to Club Penguin support and try to turn them into real parties. I know it's a long shot, but it's worth a try. Until next time, this is Storm signing off.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Minecraft: Club Penguin - Review

Hey guys, Storm here. If you didn't know that I had a PlanetMC page, you must be living under a rock. It's been sitting on the bottom of the page for at least a year now. ANYWAY, Starting March 1st (Maybe extended to April 1st, but no further than that) I quit Minecraft PC for good. This means that I have to finish all the parties for the next couple years. Knowing this, you should know that I am able to review almost every update seen in the history of the world. So let's start at the beginning, shall we?
Club Penguin Beta V1.0 - This update was a great update. I didn't play on it much, so it actually took 6 months to get to this point, even though if I did it today, it would be done in 2 weeks. ANYWAY, this was the first update. It was actually way different than what you see today. Here are the things that changed. (Taken from PlanetMinecraft Page)

Beta V1.1 - 12/24/13
Ski Lodge, Sport Shop, Lighthouse are added.
Coffee Shop updated
NEW! Map
NEW! Game - Snowball Battle

Beta V1.1.1 1/01/14
Tour Guide booth, more trees, and safety snow are now available!

Beta V1.2 - 3/22/14
Water Party, Leaky Pipes, New ResourcePack now available, Ice Rink update, the first Scavenger Hunt, Penguin Skin Link now easier to get to, small updates, more trees, Igloo Village update, Clock tower update, and more!
BONUS: For the water party, there is a temporary Jacuzzi at the Snow Forts!

Beta V1.3 - 3/29/14
Upgraded Gift Shop, Snow Forts now have flags along with Snow Fort #2 getting upgraded and more modern like Snow Fort #1, Water Party over, new hub, Cove Ocean Done soon, new map, Nightclub update, Boiler Room update, Slight Pizza Parlor update, and much much more fun!

Beta V1.4 - 4/05/14
Upgraded Gift Shop, Updated GAME UPGRADES, Upgraded Nightclub, Upgraded Toolshed, Ski Mountain, Updated Igloo, New ASK ME ANYTHING

Out of Beta! - 4/12/14
Club Penguin is going out of beta later today!

Medieval Party! - 4/12/14
The Medieval Party is on now! Download the world and check it out!

Western Party! - 6/03/14
The Western Party is on now! Download the world and check it out!

Fall Fair! - 10/02/14
The Fall Fair is now available! Play games to earn prizes! Also check out the Mini-val Party at the Lighthouse and the Mancala Championship in the Book Room! Download the island now!

Fall Fair! Update - 10/08/14
New download! Sorry about the last download being messed up!

New Sneak Peek Video! - 10/14/14
We have a new sneak peek video hinting towards the Halloween Party 2014! Check it out today!

1st Anniversary Party! - 10/24/14
It's the island's 1st Birthday! To celebrate, we are holding a party! Download quick! It will only be here for 2 days!
So here's what's happening:
Party at the Coffee Shop - Equipped with cake!
The entire area of the Town, Dock, Snow Forts, and Ice Rink have their original look!
Every penguin is there, so let's party!
Also, don't forget the hat!
PS: Halloween Party starts October 26th!

Halloween Party! - 10/26/14
Halloween is on now! Check out the awesomeness by downloading!
Special items include as follows:
Alien Attack in the Sport Shop
Super Secret Lab available by pulling secret lever in the Book Room
Candy Hunt
Lava Fishing at the Ski Lodge
Furcuts in the Gift Shop - with discounts for werewolves
Download right now to check it out!

Holiday Party! - 12/26/14
The Holiday Party is on now! Here is what we have!
Christmas cabin at the Ski Lodge
Meeting Santa at the Cove
Trainset in the Forest
Christmas dance at the Nightclub
Ice Rink at the Dock
Christmas Tree Lighthouse
Snowman Snowball Fight at the Snow Forts
Candy Cane Ski Mountain
Scrooge Mancala in the Book Room
Download now to check it out!

2015 Edition!
2015 Edition is here! Here are some of the updates!:
Book Room Floor Fixed
Trees Added to Ski Village
Ocean Added at Cove
Something on my to-do list that I wrote in code so I never figured out what it was.
Snowball Battle now has hiding places to hide from your enemies!
Download now to check it out!

Future Party!
The Future party is now available! Here are some of the updates!:
Upgraded Ski Mountain (Now Ski Hill)
Upgraded Ski Village
Upgraded Sport Shop (Now Everyday Phoning Facility)
Upgraded Beach
Upgraded Dock
Upgraded Town Center
Upgraded Coffee Shop
Upgraded Book Room (Now Club Penguin Times Office)
Upgraded Nightclub (Now Danceclub)
Upgraded Dance Lounge (Now Video Arcade)
Upgraded Gift Shop (Now Clothes Shop)
Upgraded Snow Forts
Upgraded Ice Rink (Now Soccer Pitch)
Upgraded Town Plaza (Now Puffle Plaza)
Added Puffle Park
Upgraded Pet Shop
Added Hotel Lobby
Added Hotel Spa
Added Hotel Rooftop
Added Cloud Forest
Added the Stage
Upgraded the Pizza Parlor (Now Pizza Shop)
Upgraded Forest
Upgraded Cove
Upgraded Mineshack - Halfway
Upgraded Mine
Added Skatepark
Upgraded Dojo
Check it out and download today!

In case you forgot, (which you probably did if you read the whole list) we are still reviewing Beta V1.0. I think this was a very good update. It could have been better if I had MC1.6 during this time though. (I didn't. I only was able to get MC1.5.1)

Beta V1.1
This was a quite important and memorable update. This update replaced Beta V1.0 after less than 48 hours, and in that time I had completed the Ski Village and the Beach. Quite remarkable, if I do say so myself.

Beta V1.1.1
This update was very bland and only featured 3 minor updates. This update download didn't even work, so it didn't matter anyway.

Beta V1.2
This was a kind of..... experiment. I was testing around with parties during this update. This also featured the first Scavenger Hunt featured in the world of Club Penguin along with many other updates necessary in the future. This was one of my favorite Beta update and my 3rd favorite update overall.

Beta V1.3
This was quite a big update. It featured updates to the almost Gift Shop, Pizza Parlor, and snow forts. This was also the update revealing the new hub; the one you see today. Many things you see today were added in Beta V1.3

Beta V1.4
This update was very very very important.
It featured the update revealing some of the places you see today. We upgraded the nightclub and gift shop as you see them today. This was also the update with the newly-built Ski Mountain. It hasn't changed since. This was also the update revealing the igloo with rooms. In the last update it was just an empty room with a few signs inside.

Medieval Party
This was a landmark update. I got to a point I thought I would never get to. So on April 12th, Club Penguin left Beta Edition and became known as a different type of update. Instead of Beta V1.4 or Beta V1.47, it would be called "Club Penguin" with no suffix or prefix. A few hours later, the Medieval Party became available. This was the first real party, and was very memorable. This party featured many features, such as the special Tree Fort room in the Forest and the Throne Room in the Dance Lounge, and even Merlin's Library in the Book Room. Though it was very low standard, it was way better than the party in Beta, the Water Party. Coming soon in May, we will see the return of the Medieval Party with all-new party rooms, a new special party game, and a scavenger hunt.

Western Party
This party was very small and unimportant. I almost forgot about it due to it's low amount of party rooms and short scavenger hunt. But don't worry, it will return in July with more features and party rooms.

Fall Fair
This party was extremely fun to create and to play. It's a shame that the download link was broken for six whole days. It was the first party to have a bouncepad in it, and the second party to have a secret room. If you missed this party, don't fret, for this party returns this September.

Halloween Party
I spent probably more time on this party than any other party. It had spooky decorations and all. This was the first party to take place at night and the first party to have a special party room branching off of the hub building. This is a very good party. I think this was the best party in quality of decorations. The Halloween Party will return, just as you suspected, in October.

Holiday Party
This party would have been great if I didn't miss the release date. This party was planned to be launched on December 21st, and ended up launching on December 26th, after Krismas,but just in time for Kwanzaa. This party will return for an encore in December.

Future Party
This party was created for one purpose - for the players who quite a couple years ago to see the ups and downs of Current Club Penguin and to give the penguins who joined in 2013-2014 to see what Current Club Penguin would look like in Minecraft. This party was suspected to take a long time to build, so I started in November. This is why there was no party in that month.This party will probably not return officially, but I will most likely sneak in the download link every once in a while.

That is the schedule from the past. Now if you are wondering what will come in the future, here is a list.

I hope you all enjoy this world until it stops updating! Until next time, this is Storm signing off.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Party Review - Halloween Party 2014

Hey guys, Storm here. This party was pretty good in my opinion, but needed a little work. Decorate the Ski Village and Mine, and don't have a puffle as a prize. BORING!
The rest was okay. The quests were easy and fun, but the 11th floor was hard. That's okay though.
That's it for this crappy review of a party that happened quite a while ago! Until next time, this is Storm signing off.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Are Custom-Shaped LEGO Simpsons Head Really Necessary?

          Hey guys, Storm here. Today I am reviewing a very unimportant topic. Did LEGO really need to create custom heads for the Lego Simpsons series? First of all, no. They only had two sets (one being minifigures) overall, and the other set seems to be a bit out of the price range of anyone with a life. I mean $200. Would they attract more people? Possibly. Many adults love the Simpsons, but are not really a big fan of Lego. This might have been a way to get some more sales from lifeless nobodies who work 168 hours a week and only get 3 hours off every weekend, or maybe some millionaires.
         Is there a downside to the new heads? Yes, of course there is. Lots are pointy on top. Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Scratchy, Grampa, you could all get the pain of a LEGO brick X3 if you step on one of those. But that shouldn't be a problem for sensible people. Right?
          I know this is a short review, but this is a very small topic about a very small set of LEGO sets. Until next time, this is Storm signing off.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Party Review - Pirate Party 2014

Hey guys, Storm here. Today I have another party review. Today I am recapping a party from November 2014. Is this party as good or bad as everybody says it is?
I love pirates, so I was pretty excited when I heard the Pirate Party was returning from 2008, I was pretty excited. The only thing that could make Club Penguin better was a permanent train station with running trains that you could ride and possibly drive like at the Holiday Party 2013. When it came, it was pretty fun, but it got old after a couple days; and by that I mean by day 2 I was sick of it to the farthest extent. The decorations were bland and there was too much sand. I still have no idea how the ocean got to the snow forts and back into position within 2 weeks, but I know that probably won't be answered ever in history. Doing the same task over and over again didn't help the case. The forest needed some white because scenes only look good if there is an even balance of light and dark to set the mood. Raiders of the Lost Ark and The LEGO Movie do this very well, but with the colors of the room, I had no idea what the mood was. I am also kinda sad that the Migrator crashed. I also see hints of a flying Migrator in the newspaper. Rockhopper has to be like the worst pirate ever to need 3 ships in less than 10 years. Also, flying pirate ships? Been there, done that. The beach and dock were way too overcrowded with items, and it was confusing with those X marks all over the place where the chests would later be. It was really easy to defeat the crabs, but I did like the idea of climbing up the pet shop and pizza parlor and hotel and other buildings.
The boss battle was too boring and pointless. We waited 6 days after the party started to defeat something virtually the same as all the other battles, but with a bigger crab.
This Party was actually not very entertaining. I really can't say much. Nothing much on Rockhopper, nothing on the ski village because it WASNT DECORATED for no logical reason other than the Club Penguin team is the laziest team ever. I mean really, why  do they never decorate it?
This is really all I can say about this party because there is nothing to this party. No story, and no plot twists because there's no plot.
There is also no new characters like there is in almost every other party nowadays. Really, I can prove it.
Prehistoric: Garugg the Ugg Ugg
Muppets: Kermit
Future Party: Gary 3000
Music Jam: Cole Plante, Zendaya, Violletta, Sabrina Carpenter
Frozen: Elsa, destroyer of earth, Anna, the hobo with no brain, and Olaf the self-impaling moron
Halloween: Skip the Bellhop
Merry Walrus: Merry Walrus

This is really all I have to say.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Igloo Looks.... Different

The Igloo Looks.... Different. It's pretty obvious. The igloo has a new layout. Here's all that has changed.

-New Blue Layout. The red layout was kinda boring. 
-2 Sidebars instead of the 1, so you don't have to scroll down all the way for a specific tool or poll or maybe even blog link.
-Some pages are missing. The Club Penguin Cheats pages have been removed and the Memes page has been temporarily hidden for renovations.
-New Header - The old header has been around since Spring 2013, and I decided it was time for a new one. I really like this one with the random touch of the Modern Art furniture item.
-New Page - Custom Scenes and Penguins - Here you can check out my work with custom art for penguins and other game characters alike. Here I post artwork made in 3 styles made every week. You can place a request in the comments if you want, and if you don't, well, that's okay.
-Toolbar Label Different - The ''Home" Tab is renamed to Homepage just because I feel like it, okay?

I hope you like the new design! Check out the Custom Art page! 

By the way, this doesn't count as a regular post. That's why I'm not gonna sign on or off or anything, I'm just gonna say bye. 


Thursday, January 1, 2015


Hey guys, Storm here. I have a few reviews coming up and I need your help. I need to know which one you want me to do next. Here are your options:

1: Was Custom Formed Lego Simpsons Heads Worth It? - LEGO Minifigures
2: The Good and the Bad of DQ's 5 Buck Lunch
3: Minecraft: CLUB PENGUIN - Review

Comment below and tell me the order of how you want them from soonest to farthest in time so I can review them!