Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Case of the Stolen Lei

One day, Icystorm 9 was eating a tasty plate of air.
On his way home, he saw the Advent Calendar. He remembered that he had not gotten his daily prize from the tree.
So, with the date being December 24th, Icystorm 9 opened the 24th box on the advent calendar tree.

It was a new lei, made out of poinsettias and their leaves. He thought it was cool. But when Icystorm 9 tried to wear the lei,


Someone with a low, raspy voice said,

Icystorm 9, seeing no problem with an accusation by an unknown source, went to seek the Meme-loving Squidy.                                                                                                      

Icystorm 9 travelled to a squid’s favorite place, the Underwater. There he found his favorite squid.  

Icystorm 9: Did you steal my new lei?
Squidy2008: Does it look like I’m wearing a lei to you?
Icystorm 9: You must have seen me coming, and you’ve hidden it here somewhere.
Squidy2008: Where would I hide a lei in the Underwater?
Icystorm 9: You have a point, but it could be buried or under a rock or something. 
Squidy2008: Why would I even want your stupid lei?
Icystorm 9: I don’t know; but if it wasn’t you, who took it?
Icystorm 9 took Squidy’s advice and went to see Sanik teh Hedghog and the fastest place on the island, the Ice Rink.

Icystorm 9: Did you steal my new lei? 
Sanik: Wat possible use wood i hav with an lei?
Icystorm 9: Good question. But if you didn’t take it, who did?
Sanik: I dosent know, but may be you can look bak @ all the things u found leeding up 2 this poynt.
Icystorm 9: Well, I guess it wouldn’t hurt.

So it was the Illuminati. Off Icystorm 9 went to go find out why they did it.

Not seeing anyone on the main level, Icystorm 9 went to the rooftop, where he found the leader of the illuminati.

And the leader of the illuminati just so happened to be….


From the 10th Anniversary Party, of course.
Icystorm 9: Hey, I know you. You’re me from a long time ago.
Icystorm 9: That’s correct. And now I run CPI, the Club Penguin Illuminati.
Icystorm 9: Do you just sit on this rooftop all day?
Icystorm 9: …...maybe.

Icystorm 9: Give me my lei back.
Icystorm 9: No. It belongs to me. And by me I mean the one of us that currently has the lei.
Icystorm 9: I’m going to tell the police.
So the police arrested the Anniversary Icystorm 9 and the regular Icystorm 9 went home to watch old music videos for 14 hours, just like normal.

The end.