Friday, September 28, 2018

On Kanye's Yeezus 2, or Yandhi, As It's Called

Here are some questions I thought of that I'd like to answer. That's what blogs are for, right? Voicing opinions? This is a lot less kid-friendly than all my other content so here's a content warning.

Should Kanye be receiving backlash for tweeting nice things about A$AP Bari?

Of course not. I'm gonna dissect why he would and why it shouldn't matter. Why is Bari a controversial figure? He's gone to court over sexual assault charges. The thing is, though, that he hasn't been convicted as far as we know. It was settled out of court. He could have been declared innocent. Why was Kanye tweeting about him? Bari helped him to be less pretentious and help him be less afraid to speak out in favor of people hated by the public. Ye didn't mention the assault charges at all. I don't think he should have tweeted about this, but he did and this is where we are. Also note that they were friends before any of those claims were filed, so I don't think those things are really that relevant to the discussion. Jesus says in John 13:34 to love everyone as He loves us. That means unconditionally. Not to say that you should condone assault or that it should go unpunished, but you should forgive people when they do things like that instead of endlessly hating them for all eternity. Kanye seems to be the only one who actually understands this or even cares about people on a level even close to this.

What do you think about Kanye's recent comment about there only being about 800 slaves in 1800?

He's wrong. It's not true. But he had a thought and he just said it out loud to see how it felt. That's one of the great parts of living in the US- you can say stuff like that. Kanye also said that ye is the most used word in the King James Version Bible, which also isn't true. Not even close. But he's allowed to think that.

What do you think about Kanye wearing the Make America Great Again hat?

I don't. He's had this hat for months. People always try to say "Oh it means he hates black people" or whatnot but he doesn't. That makes no sense whatsoever for so many reasons. He wears it because he likes Trump. Not because of his policies, but just because they both know what it's like to have the media hate them so much and they sorta bond that way. His wife Kim met with Trump and other government workers in DC to work on prison reform and helping innocent people. He's not wearing the hat to make people feel bad. Kanye wearing a red hat cannot and will not affect your life in any way.

Should Kanye be letting alleged criminals XXXTentacion and 6ix9ine on Yandhi?

No, but it's not because they did bad stuff. There are bad people on older Kanye albums. Look at The Life of Pablo, for example. Track 10 is called Waves, and the hook of that song is sung by Chris Brown. Most people already know that in 2009 Chris Brown slammed Rihanna's head into a window, punched her in the face multiple times, and put her in a headlock. What a horrible person. But I like Waves. It's a good song. I tend to separate the art from the artist. Track 15 on The Life of Pablo is called Silver Surfer Intermission. It's a phone call between Max B and French Montana. Max B is currently in prison for murder and he will probably be there for a long time. I also like Silver Surfer Intermission. The song isn't about Max B or what he did. It's about Kanye and what he's doing with the album, which at the time was called Waves. Separate the art from the artist. The difference here is that 6ix9ine doesn't make good art. I hate his music. It's trash. I don't mind XXXTentacion on a good day and Sad is decent, but with songs like Look at Me, I hate his stuff. If it's good, then sure. If it's not, why would I want to hear it? Also, side note, I will definitely not be happy with Yandhi if I Love It is a track. I don't think it will, but it might be. I hate Lil Pump's music.

Are you excited for Yandhi?

No. I didn't like XTCY and I didn't like I Love It. 6ix9ine is a really bad sign. We've already gotten 2 albums this year from Kanye with ye and KIDS SEE GHOSTS. Do we really need another one? Eventually album releases aren't gonna be special and they're gonna be weekly things and nobody's gonna care. Kanye's going through a midlife crisis right now and I think Yandhi might bring us negative results of that. Another thing is that Yeezus didn't need a sequel. It was perfect as it is. I originally thought Yandhi was the 7 cut tracks from Yeezus, but with some confirmed people on it, it's clear that's not the case. Hopefully it's good but I don't think it will be.

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