Friday, May 30, 2014

School's Out!

Hey guys, Storm here! I, IS9H, has summer break starting today! This means much more analysises, more rants, more stuffz, and who could forget, more friends! PS: More Animaniacs and Gravity Falls!
This was just a note telling you guys that I no longer have school as of today. Until next time, this is Storm signing off.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Calvin & Hobbes - Is Hobbes Alive or Stuffed?

Hey guys, Storm here. Today I tackle a theory about Calvin & Hobbes. and here it is. Is Hobbes a living thing or a stuffed toy? Well, we can start the analysis with the fact that most people see Hobbes as a stuffed toy and Calvin sees him as a living tiger. But why? Here's the answer: Calvin is a 6 year old, making his brain much different from the rest of society. Also we must remember that Calvin has no other friends, making Hobbes more valuable to him than he is to every other person. First, we should see how Calvin and Hobbes met in the first place, this may help us later on in this analysis.
     One day Calvin wanted to do something fun, and he decided that he would make a tiger trap with tuna sammiches as the bait. Hobbes, with tuna as his favorite sammich, got caught in the trap. Calvin took him home and asked his dad, "SO DAD, WHAT DO I DO WHEN I CATCH A TIGER?" (Yes it's in all caps, most comics are written like that.) His father then replied with "BRING IT HOME AND STUFF IT, CALVIN! CAN'T YOU SEE I'M BUSY?" Then Calvin brings Hobbes to the kitchen and feeds him all he can. Hobbes likes food, (You should know this by now) so he befriend Calvin, hoping he would get more food. Since Hobbes can eat, this proves that he is a living animal. But then how do other people see him as a toy? Well you kind of have to read the rest to understand. First, I think it would be less confusing to see all the evidence as to why he was real then jumbling it all together, so let's keep going. In the first 5 years of the comic (1985-1990) we see a storyline about how Calvin doesn't like the way his hair pops up when he combs it, so Hobbes agrees to fix it by cutting his hair for $8. But Hobbes accidentally cut it too short, so Calvin forces himself to wear a hat everywhere. When his mother orders he takes it off, she sees that his hair is short, and she goes crazy. This further proves that Hobbes is a living thing, because how else would she see his hair cut? If Hobbes wasn't real, Calvin would be the only person that sees his cut hair, because it would be all his imagination, but this statement proves further that he is real. Also, in about 1986, a comic strip comes out where his parents ask Calvin if kids make fun of him for bringing a supposedly stuffed tiger to school, and Calvin notes "TOMMY CHESNUTT DID ONCE, AND NOW NOBODY DOES." His parents ask what happened to Tommy Chesnutt, and it turns out that Hobbes ate him. If Hobbes wasn't a real living thing, he wouldn't have eaten Tommy Chesnutt, meaning Tommy would still insult Calvin about his tiger, but since Calvin doesn't notice insults anymore, the only explanation is that Hobbes really did eat Tommy, further proving his existence as a living soul.

In one story, Calvin goes on a fishing trip with his parents to the lake. Calvin is bored with just sitting there waiting for something to happen, so Hobbes comes up with an idea. He ties Calvin up to a strong fishing pole and swings him over the water so he can hit the fish with a baseball bat, probably a 27", but that's not important. What is important is the fact that the bat is hitting the water. Calvin can feel and see the splashes of the bat, meaning that Hobbes must be alive, for if he wasn't alive and only in Calvin's mind, Calvin would just be hitting the ground, which he clearly is not.

Now I feel we should move on to the evidence as to why Hobbes ISN'T real. In the story "Transmogrifier", Calvin goes into a transmogrifier (a machine that changes your form into another animal) and asks Hobbes to set the dial for "Tiger" and press the button.  Calvin sees himself as a tiger, along with Hobbes, but his parents cannot see Calvin as a tiger. If Hobbes was alive, his parents would see Calvin as a tiger along with him and Hobbes, but they don't, proving Hobbes to be a stuffed toy. BUT WAIT, read the rest of this analysis before you come to conclusions. (I'm talking to you, Tweety)
There is a reason Calvin's parents see him as what he normally looks like is this: their brains cannot process that much. Everyone sees Hobbes as fake because their minds are not imaginative enough to see Hobbes as a living person, so their eyes make up a story about how he is just a stuffed toy so they don't lose hours of sleep wondering. Then you might think of this: "How can Calvin see him if nobody else can?" Well remember that you must be imaginative to see him, which is why nobody else sees him. Calvin is very imaginative and smart. He goes on adventures as different characters like Spaceman Spiff, an octopus, a werewolf, an explorer, dinosaurs, the series is too long to name them all. Calvin can see Hobbes as a living pet tiger because he is smart and imaginative, unlike everybody else. Nobody else believes that tigers can live in the city, but maybe is an escapee from the zoo. But the thing is: this is a cartoon strip. We have no way of being sure. This is up to Bill Watterson. This is where we conclude.

Hobbes is a living tiger,  but every other person in the neighborhood/school see him as a toy because their brains can't process it.

This concludes another analysis. If are a fan of Club Penguin, I prefer you read my way shorter analysis on the Penguin Secret Agency by clicking these last four words. If you are not a fan of Club Penguin, don't worry. I have a post every week, sometimes twice or thrice a week, so new analysises are on the way. don't worry! I would also prefer you share this analysis on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, tumblr, and more! Until next time, this is Storm signing off.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Test Post

Hey guys, Storm Here, this is a test to show you how to put HTML code on a blog. I used my video for a random reason, don't ask. Be sure to put text in before you put the video in!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Fan Theory: The Destruction of the PSA

Hey guys, Storm here. Today I am going to tackle one of the lesser known theories about Club Penguin, this time the PSA. Now you all remember when Aunt Arctic was shown to the public as the Director of the PSA and the EPF, right? Good. Keep that in mind. Now who remembers the Gadget Room? (Gary's Lab before he got a new one) What did you see in there? A shoe that rings, an exploding boombox, a life preserver shooter? And who could forget the big over-the-top rube goldberg machine made just to make a failed cup of hot chocolate? But there is one thing that I remember that is very noticeable. On the wall, hanging there, there is a self-detonating piece of paper. Sure, it looks like there are millions of seconds before it blows up, but is it showing the right numbers? Well, we can assume that since the PSA was there to help it wasn't placed there by them. BUT, there is ONE agent that has access to the PSA HQ without being in the PSA. I will give you 15 seconds.

If you guessed Dot the Disguise Gal, you are right. Sure, Agent D might seem like she is in the PSA, but is she really? Here some of you might say, "Well she has a psa phone" which is correct, but that doesn't mean she is in the PSA. And here's why. At the time, Agent D was the Director's right hand penguin. When Gary joined the PSA, he became the right hand penguin. Dot, wanting her position back, wanted to start another agency so she could be the right hand penguin once again. Then, once that position was accomplished, she would destroy Gary's agency, leaving him sad and discouraged. Maybe so discouraged to retire from this spy business. So, that being said, Dot is the leader of the EPF and has been for 6 years and counting, and she placed the bomb there set to a specific time that is around, I would say, 10:00 PST, placing the projector screen in front of the lodge, making it inaccessible, with it having the nearest clock to the Sport Shop, with the cuckoo clock by the door, and with one of the Director's messages she found in the trash, located under the desk in the PSA HQ. Coincidentally, Herbert strapped a bag of popcorn to a salon chair and shipped it to HQ so they would be threatened. Dot, forgetting about the bomb, let you into the EPF HQ, meaning no intention of hurting you, but to save the penguin, destroy his company.

So, it was Dot that destroyed the PSA. Not solid proof, but that is what I think. I would like you to tweet this (click the button at the bottom for Twitter), share on Facebook (right next to Twitter) and Pin it or do whatever you do with it to spread it around, because it took me a while to write this post, to put together the theory, and to come up with the theory in the first place.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Cheapoland Quiz - New Game #1

Hey guys, Storm here! Today I am going to discuss my Minecraft world, Cheapoland. I am doing a poll for what game I should build on it next. This is for you to decide!