Sunday, May 19, 2013

New Updates

Hey, guys! This is Icystorm 9 here, giving you the blog updates! One update is that the name changed. It isn't Icystorm's Club Penguin Cheats any more. It is called Icystorm's Igloo now. Another update is there is a search bar on the right. ---------->
Check out all the blog's content or links from this blog here. Another update is that I will put a link to the game at the bottom of the post to play. I will test it out right now.

Click here to play Club Penguin!

I think it works! Another update is not up yet, but coming soon, is I will make a new page for random stuff! Come here for weekly tips, advice, and just plain fun. Until then, this is Storm, signing off.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Party Review

Hey, guys! It was a great party! I didn't get any snapshots, but many of you had lots of fun! I want to have another party next month, and I got an idea in the middle of the party. Not only will the parties have assigned colors, but they will also have themes! The next month's color will be lime green, and if you have the White Untied Sneakers, wear them. It will be on the second Sunday every month. I would like to see more penguins in June though. After a year of Club Penguin blogging, I am happy that I have finally started having parties. Thank you all for participating!

Party Stuff

 Hey, guys! This is Icystorm 9 here giving you an update about the party. One thing is that Sethcorson might not come. Instead, Beard1 is confirmed to come to the party. Now come visit me in a 1/2 hour to meet me!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Icystorm's Club Penguin Party

Hey guys! I am having a color party for the release of the new app, My Penguin for iPad 2. This month's color will be brown. Yes, I will have a color party every month. It will be at my igloo on Snowy River at 1:00 PST tomorrow, Sunday, May 12. Here are some of the things we will do.

*Watch me do tricks
*Meet Sethcorson
*Watch Awesome and Skittles, my puffles, do tricks.
*Play Card-Jitsu
*Get Postcards
*Play Hide-and-Seek
*Visit the Cove
*Visit the Dock
*Visit the Forest
*Visit the Mine
*Wrap up the party at 2:30 PST.

Everybody wear brown. Here is a sneak peek.

So, to review, the party is on Snowy River at 1:00 Penguin Standard Time tomorrow and ends at 2:30 Penguin Standard Time. It starts at my igloo and ends at the mine. Everybody wear brown. I hope to see you guys there! Until 1:00 Penguin Standard Time, this is Storm, signing off.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Hacker at Dock on Sleet

Hey, guys. This is Storm here, telling you about a hacker. His name is Pokey635. He was old blue if you couldn't tell in the picture.
 This guy isn't a good guy. He was on Sleet. Don't trust him. That's all for now. Until then, this is Storm, signing off.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

New Spy Drills Game Now Available

Hey, guys! This is Icystorm 9 here, giving you the Spy Drills review! Here are some pictures.
 This is the Main Menu.
This is the Train menu. Here you get to pick a game.
This is the Challenge Menu. Here you go to play 3 in a row. You can earn medals here. I have played before, and it is really fun! Go check it out! Until then, this is Storm, signing off.


Penguin Style Cheats May 2013

Hey, guys! This is Storm here giving you the Penguin Style cheats for May 2013!
Here they are. I hope they help you!

 I hope these helped you! For an improved version, visit Club Penguin Secrets. Thanks to Monchocho at Monchocho's Website for the pictures! Until then, this is Icystorm 9, signing off.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Celebration of Snow Coming Soon!

Hey Penguins! This is Icystorm 9 here, and I'm here to give you the Celebration of Snow sneak peeks!!! There are pictures of some rooms, like the Mountain and the Ski Village. I am guessing the Phoning Facility will finally be fixed because there isn't construction stuff there. Finally. I am glad about that. Think about it. In May and June 2010, it took 2 weeks to build it. in December 2012, the outside got covered in stone bricks. It only took 12 seconds. And now Club Penguin is telling me that it is going to take almost 3 months to just build a new building? They did it in about 1/8th of that in 2010, so why can't they just do it in 2 weeks now??? Anyway, the Celebration of Snow is coming up.I hope to see you there! Until then, this is Icystorm 9 signing off!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

New Lego Set for Club Penguin!

Hey Guys! Green Ninja posted on the wiki today that he has made a Club Penguin lego set! Come look at it!!! Click here to go support it at Lego CuuSoo! Lego CuuSoo is a site where lego sets can be submitted and if they get 10,000 supporters, they will be sent to Lego. If Lego approves it, it becomes a Lego set!!! Help this set get 10,000 supporters!!!

New Hanging Lantern Pin Now Available!!!

Hey, guys! Its Icystorm 9 here, and guess what? The new pin is available!!! It is the Hanging Lantern Pin. Here is how to get it. Go to the Mine Shack. Then, head into the Recycling Center. If you look at the bin penguins throw junk in, it is sitting on the edge!
 So that's how to get the pin! I can't wait for the Celebration of Snow to start after the Superhero Takeover! This is the theme! Hanging Snow lanterns! Also, be sure to try to test it, because Card-Jitsu Snow will be available to everybody in Club Penguin!!!!

Robot Hoodie Now Obtainable!!!

 Hey, guys! It's me, Icystorm 9, and guess what? I don't even know!!! Im kidding. Not many updates happened this week. But one of them is if you play Robot Factory. If you build 1 of each robot, you get an Item called the Robot Hoodie!!! isn't that cool? Bye!!!