Saturday, April 26, 2014

R.I.P. Fottymaddy - 2008-2014

Look at this picture. Examine it for a second. This was the icon used by Fottymaddy right before he left. This picture symbolizes a lot. Look at the ribbon. Est. 1892. This represents how old his penguin was, and how much he had learned about the game of Club Penguin. There are torches on the left and right. Those symbolize friendship. I am on the left, Fottymaddy is on the right. Torches burn out at some point. But they don't burn out at the same time. Which one will burn out first? The right one.
Notice the turkey/peacock with magnificent wings. Fottymaddy was magnificent and he could never be replaced.
Notice that it is inside a big shield. If you were being bullied or in an argument, Fottymaddy would try to help as much as he could. This is what makes him special.
You never walk alone, meaning, if you lose a friend, it will be very sad and you will miss them, but you can always get new friends. Life will go on. Be thankful! I am not saying that I wanted Fotty to quit, but I cannot help it. So when he does, I have to try to live without him.

Goodbye Fottymaddy. You were a great friend.