Monday, February 6, 2023

Mud Movie Review

I'm waiting for it. That Greenlights. I want it.

Devon wanted to watch Mud, so here's my review of Mud (2012) starring Matthew McConaughey.

The kids act like kids in the movie, which is accurate but also they aren't necessarily the most appropriate. McConaughey is awesome as Mud. I wish I were homeless and living in a boat on a deserted island.

It's sad how Ellis put all his stock in Mud as his last hope that love exists. You really hate to see it when that falls apart and he decides love isn't real. So he's just like me frfr


By the way, since Reese Witherspoon is in this movie, Nebraska besties, y'all should go see Legally Blonde The Musical when it comes to Lincoln at the end of the month.

Friday, February 3, 2023


Hurley…. Is…. Really good actually! And really unique! Weezer put in the hours to make this album stand out despite its short production window, and it paid off. Hurley is loud and fuzzy and proud of it. The guitars are weighty and the synths are huge. The lyrics are audacious and Rivers’ newly adopted singing style reflects that perfectly. He’s practically screaming on some of these cuts, and he’s surprisingly able to pull it off convincingly. Rivers sounds like a dude trying to impersonate a nerd, rather than the nerd he is. And the one time he ditches this style for a more somber tone, on the track Unspoken, it ends up being the best song on the album by far. All in all, Hurley is incredibly catchy. Ruling Me, Trainwrecks, Brave New World, and Hang On are all so memorable you’ll catch yourself humming them for the rest of the week. Even the least of these tracks makes a huge impact. Like, even if you can’t stand the drum machine on Smart Girls, its catchiness brings you in. And there really is no excuse for how trashy Time Flies sounds technically, but the melody in itself is so nice it almost comes off as a feature instead of a bug. The deluxe edition CD has some nice bonus tracks too. All My Friends are Insects is a fun little ditty, as is Represent. And how could I go on without mentioning the acoustic cut I Want to Be Something, which acts as a nice breather compared to the intensity of the rest of the record? Hurley Deluxe feels like a real deluxe- it has nice bonuses for those who want it. But if you go for the standard CD instead, you still get a complete and worthwhile experience. Even at their worst, Weezer knows how to make fun, catchy, and memorable tracks. At their best, you get gems like Hurley.


The opening clip is sourced from the video "Fred and Weezer Go To The Moon" by FRED.

The audio of Rivers saying "You're a poopyhead" is sourced from the video "AVGN responds to the Nostalgia Critic!" by Cinemassacre.

The audio of Rivers screaming is the song "Big Enough" from the Kirin J. Callinan album Bravado (2017).

All videos not mentioned above and left without watermarks are from the official Weezer YouTube channel, from official Weezer media such as live DVDs, DVDs included with albums, or recorded by Icystorm 9.

All other sound effects are stock and are used with permission under a creative commons license (I hope).