Sunday, December 25, 2022

Night Time, My Time REVIEW

 A review of Sky Ferreira's 2013 classic Night Time, My Time.

Night Time, My Time is such an immaculate project. The cover art led me to believe this album would be an emotional indie pop album, but it ended up being a surprisingly upbeat and catchy pop album that I enjoy quite a lot. Every song here sounds like it sparkles in the light. Every song is chock full of detail. The warm, fuzzy guitar tones on the most memorable songs mix with the catchy basslines to make up a complete package that’s truly unforgettable. That isn’t to say that Sky Ferreira’s vocals are anything to shake a stick at either. Her voice is really well fit to each track here with just the right tone and effects used to make each song all the more catchy and impactful. She knows her weaknesses and especially her strengths. Night Time, My Time makes me feel very happy, almost a sense of joy and peace. It’s a type of feeling that other music has never been able to replicate after all these years. On Night Time My Time, Sky Ferreira didn’t go in concerned with making a masterpiece that stands forever. She’s concerned with making a really fun, catchy, happy, and unique experience first, and because of that it can grow to be be such a timeless album. It stands undefeated in that sense. The amount of time between this album and Sky’s next album has been insane, but it makes total sense because I don’t know how she could ever top it. It’s just amazing. It’s a record that’s very special to me. It’s night time. It’s my time.