Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Club Penguin Party Review - Merry Walrus Party 2014

Is this party really better than everybody says it is?
I actually really like this party. it has a nice story. (most parties don't even have a story) I really like the fact that you can meet a new mascot that we haven't seen before. Merry Walrus seems pretty nice. Another nice thing about this party is the jetsleigh at the Snow Forts. It's nice to see how it fills up as we donate as a community more and more coins. Another nice thing about this party is the map. The team has finally decided that we are not too stupid to have to see every single party room on the map. I also like the fact that the Coffee Shop is decorated. While it would have been nice if the Ski Lodge and Lodge Attic from 2009 would make a return along with the Pizza Parlor of Holidays of 2012, the team works hard with some of this stuff. They are trying their best even though they are lazy hobos. A great thing about this party that I haven't told you about is the quests. Club Penguin finally figured out that we can figure stuff out on our own and do tasks instead of just logging in and grabbing the free items on a page from the top right corner. This party also has great free items (even though the First Merry Walrus hat is hideous). The Crystal Puffle Earmuffs and the Festive Fluffy are really cool items, and they aren't even members only items!

 Now let's go through the cons:
No Cove, Ski Lodge, Attic, Pizza Parlor, or Gift Shop Decorations
No Party Catalog
Quest ends after 4 days
No new igloo, even if it is a green version of that igloo from the 2012 daily gifts.
The penguins on Twitter have started a very stupid and pointless #SAYVDECUMPAYGINN act

There really isn't anything more than this that I can think of.

So how fun is this party? Pretty fun, actually. I really can't find anything bad to say about this party other than the things above. What I am really mad about is the #SaveTheClubPenguin act in the Twitter community. It isn't necessary. As Chillin says, this party is MILES AND MILES ahead of any of the finding identical snowflakes in obvious places and the click on 10 pumpkins so you feel like you accomplished anything and the do the same swordfight every day for 9 days that we have had in the past.

Also, now that I have done this review and I love doing reviews on this stuff, I will review all the parties that I have ever been to (all the parties since September 2011 excluding Fair and Halloween 2011) along with all the mini-parties that happened this year.

Until next time, this is Storm signing off.