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On Kanye's Yeezus 2, or Yandhi, As It's Called

Here are some questions I thought of that I'd like to answer. That's what blogs are for, right? Voicing opinions? This is a lot less kid-friendly than all my other content so here's a content warning.

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I Rank All of Kanye's Solo Albums

Starting from the bottom of the list, because why not?

#8 - Graduation

Graduation is such a great album. But it's rather forgettable, if I'm entirely honest. I've listened through this album a fair amount and the only songs I can sing along to are Stronger and Flashing Lights, and the 2 worst Kanye album songs are on this album, Barry Bonds and Drunk and Hot Girls. I would still recommend it to others, but definitely not as the best Kanye album.

#7 - The College Dropout

College Dropout is where the albums start to get really good. It has so many great tracks, like New Workout Plan, Graduation Day (which is an outro to the song We Don't Care), All Falls Down, Slow Jamz, Spaceship, and others. However, the 4 tracks of School Spirit (the song and 3 skits, actually) are definitely a low point. School Spirit isn't a bad song, but I don't find it very unique or compelling compared to others on the album or in Kanye's discography. Last Call is a great outro track though, and it spends most of its runtime telling an interesting story. However I can't say I necessarily want to hear this story more than probably thrice. This album is also quite long. If 2 or 3 of the songs on the album other than School Spirit were boring or bland, I couldn't justify the 76 minute runtime.

#6 - Late Registration

Late Registration is the Kanye release that is most similar to its predecessor. That doesn't mean it doesn't have its own unique sound though. The album as a whole features more soul samples than College Dropout. This album seems more personal than College Dropout, especially on the popular songs Hey Mama and Roses. The skits here are much better than on College Dropout too. I could never forget "BROKE PHI BROKE, WE AIN'T GOT IT" and "I walked into the brother Kanye's closet and I found new shoes!" My favorite track is Addiction because the instrumental is really relaxing. It's not even like relaxation type music. It soothes the soul. My least favorite track is We Major, which isn't interesting and goes on too long. The only other problem I have with this album is that there's 2 Diamonds from Sierra Leone's for some reason, like, do we really need 2 of them? I only listen to one of them when I go through the album.

#5 - Ye

Between this album and the next album, I had a hard time picking both #5 and #4. I really wanted this to be #4 because it really deserves it, but I just couldn't do that. This album is Ye's most introspective album. I'd like to start with the worst song on the album, All Mine. It's not very fun to listen to. Kanye's first verse is good, with the exception of the last line. It's dumb. The chorus is a bit annoying too. Like the first time through I had no idea what the words were. Then I watched the lyrics video and I was like "This is cheap." Fortunately for us, the 6 other songs on the album are all fantastic. I Thought About Killing You is such a quotable, memorable song. I first heard it and I was so hyped for the rest of the album. Yikes has a great vibe that I won't soon forget. Wouldn't Leave and No Mistakes go hand in hand. Wouldn't Leave is my favorite on the album. It really shows a side to Kim that not many people want to see or care to see. They'd much rather just victimize her and her family. Wouldn't Leave is my favorite on the album. Then we get to Ghost Town, which has a great hook with "I throw my hand on a sto-o-ove..... to see if I still bleeeeeed!" Then we get into Violent Crimes, which is sort of a love letter to his children. Not like a romantic love letter, because that would be creepy. He really cares about his kids here. I love this album. I wish I had the CD actually. If you'll mail me one, send it to me.

#4 - Yeezus

That picture doesn't do it justice. The physical release for this album is gorgeous. Watch some YouTube unboxings of it. It looks even better in person than on YouTube. This album is not so much about trying to see into Kanye's life and moreso trying to give you a unique experience. On Sight is quite the opening. I can't imagine people that only like radio pop could listen to On Sight and feel genuine hype. But I feel genuine hype. That's what it's there for. Black Skinhead is the most non-Yeezus song on the album. It still sounds like Yeezus, but it has more power and a less dark tone. It makes you feel powerful. That's in contrast to I Am a God, which makes you feel scared in the presence of Yeezus himself, portraying himself as a god among men. The end of New Slaves with Frank Ocean signals in a new sound starting with Hold My Liquor, which is more somber and it feels exactly like what I imagine a hangover is like. [I don't know for real, I'm a kid and also a law-abiding citizen.] I'm In It is big and up in your face. If you pay close attention there's dogs barking in the background of some parts of the song. And Blood on the Leaves....
I meant that in a good way. It really makes you feel what Kanye is feeling here. You feel distraught, unsure, and anxious. Then in Guilt Trip, we get a change of heart. "I need to call it off. I need to make it known." He's changing his ways. The dem a gwana's on the hook are addictive and amazing. Send It Up has some synths that are offputting at first, but you get used to them. Bound 2 is a wonderfully crafted track about Kanye's view on love after Guilt Trip's change of pace. It ends in the perfect place. This album could not be 2 seconds longer or shorter.

#3 - The Life of Pablo

The Life of Pablo is such a wonderful album in every way. Ultralight Beam is a great intro track, with Father Stretch My Hands telling a quick story of someone who's happy, but has issues with anxiety and other things. Famous has unique Nina Simone samples and defines Kanye's public character at that point in such a great way. Like Dropout, Registration, and Graduation, this album has too many songs to describe all of them. But tracks like I Love Kanye are great intermissions. Songs like Real Friends, 30 Hours, FML, Wolves, and others all sound thematically similar due to their solid instrumentals. Fade samples a song that I can't seem to find. Like I googled the sample from Fade and the sample website couldn't help. It does have samples, but not the right ones. I know what I'm looking for because I heard the song on the radio, but I haven't found it yet. I know my destination, but I'm just not there. Anyway, Saint Pablo, which was added later, is a great bookend to such a great album. Saint Pablo is the yin to Ultralight Beam's yang, if that makes any sense.

#2 - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

You probably thought this would be #1, didn't you? Every song on this album is great. Not even going into detail of the ambition of Good Fridays, the vinyl, and everything else, every song is expertly crafted in a way that nothing can be changed and still be as good. It's like an intricate machine with hundreds and hundreds of tiny parts. You don't know exactly how it was built, but it works, and it's amazing. The hooks on every single song are earworms. Every. Single. Song. There are some fantastic verses on Fantasy that would seem weird elsewhere, like how Kanye used a verse from Dark Fantasy in a BET Cypher and it was sorta weird. The flows on this album, except for Jay Z on Monster, are exceptional. Even some of the songs I don't like as much as others, like Runaway, are songs I find myself singing or humming quite a bit. The sample of Bon Iver's Woods in the beginning of Lost in the World is what led me to becoming a Bon Iver fan. This album is exceptional. But it's not as good as

#1 - 808s and Heartbreak

Truth be told, 808s is one of the last Kanye albums I listened to. I was kinda scared I wouldn't like it. But I got it on CD back in June at a Half Price Books and I've listened to it maybe 20 or even 30 times since. It starts off with the perfect Say You Will, which, like On Sight, really gets us into the sound of the album. Don't say you will..... unless you will. Then it gets into Welcome to Heartbreak. It's really sort of a sequel to Good Life from Graduation in my eyes. "Welcome to the Good Life"..... "Chased the good life my whole life long; I look back on my life and my life gone." Cudi's singing is excellent here. Heartless is what made me a Kanye fan back on May 15th. I had gone through a lot of emotional highs and lows and Heartless really brought me through a miserable time in my life. And so did the next track, Amazing. It's simply Amazing. Love Lockdown is a change of pace. But it really encapsulates a mood. "I'm not loving you the way I wanted to." Paranoid is the least good song on the album up to this point. It's still great though. Hudson's hook is really good. RoboCop is a song I originally didn't like, but then it grew on me and now I love it. Street Lights is such a memorable song. Like a lot of songs on 808s, I really relate to it. "I know my destination, but I'm just not there." Bad News is such a jam. It has a Nina Simone sample and it goes well with the rest of the song and the rest of the album. See You In My Nightmares is less somber, more loud. It's harsh because Ye and Wayne are angry and bitter. My favorite line is "But now we just repenting and now we just resenting." I don't even like Lil Wayne. Like, at all. The strings on this song are on point as well. Finally, we have Coldest Winter. A great tribute to his mother. The sample used on the hook is so wonderfully executed and the lyrics are so personal. Such a heartwarming song. But if you keep the CD running, there's a bonus track called Pinocchio Story. It's a freestyle recorded at a concert. It talks about how Kanye feels alone and nobody can really understand his sadness. It's always fun to listen to an album and thinking it's over but then getting a hidden track on the end. 808s is spectacular. It really makes us experience Kanye's pain and it helps us feel less like we're alone in our own pain. I love 808s.

If you want to buy any of the albums mentioned above, here are links.

The College Dropout
Late Registration
The Life of Pablo (digital only)
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
808s and Heartbreak

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Custom Animal Tracklist

This is what I think the tracklist for Kesha's debut album should have been like. Originally this was included in an album review, but it was too long and not important enough to the rest of the video. I didn't want to scrap it though, so here it is.

1) Animal - This song feels like it only works as an intro. It has a good sense of buildup but a poor sense of closure. Why it was chosen as the last song baffles me. This is the only song in this list that doesn't tie into a bit of a narrative I've created.

[Act 1]

2) Boots & Boys - Boots & Boys shows a lighter, happier side of Kesha. It's a good way to bridge the more traditional Animal to the next track, which is [Spoilers] off the wall crazy and loud. It also shows Kesha at the beginning of our journey through the album, what her thought process is on average.

3) Party at a Rich Dude's House - So Kesha is at a party and she's having a lot of fun. This song is pretty much destined to go with the next song because it's about drinking and partying.

4) Hungover - So now the party's over and everybody's gone. Kesha's left there with herself, and she wonders what went wrong. She wanted boots & boys, but all she left with was disappointment. Now she's just sad and reminiscing about an old relationship. I understand, Kesha.

[Act 2]

5) Tik Tok - Kesha's back to partying. She realized after the last party that this isn't good for her, but she keeps doing it. Oops.

6) Dinosaur - Dinosaur is more of a filler track here. I had to include it somewhere and this seemed like the best place. She has confidence here, and it sort of reminds me of Tik Tok just in its theme on the most basic level.

7) Take it Off - In Take it Off, the parties start to get darker as Kesha dives deeper into the rabbit hole. Things have practically reached a breaking point. Also, Track 7 of any Kesha album has to be fantastic, and this is the best song on the record.

8) Dancing With Tears in My Eyes - She's destroyed their love. It's gone. It's only now hitting her that she wants more than just to constantly go to parties and get drunk and whatnot.

[Act 3]

9) Blah Blah Blah - This is more of a buffer track between Act 2 and the meat of Act 3.

10) Stephen - She finds someone named Stephen. Why won't she call her? Pretty self explanatory, and it's leading us into a new Kesha - one who's more personal and doesn't care for parties as much.

11) Your Love is My Drug - She's fallen completely for this guy. This is an introspective into Kesha's view on love and what it truly means. It's far from groundbreaking, but she's not listening to any advice and she doesn't care what others think about him. That may or may not be a good perspective to have.

12) Backstabber - Kesha's friend backstabs her by spreading drama and lies about the relationship she's in. She really shouldn't have done that. "I'm sick and tired of hearing all about my life from other people with all of your lies wrapped up so tight."

13) Kiss N Tell - So this dude, Steve, messes up. He cheats on Kesha after she was genuinely invested in the relationship. She's angry. She doesn't really like this guy at this moment. She's saying stuff she know she'll regret later but eh, whatever.

14) Blind - Kesha hits a point of realization where she remembers that she does still love Stephan and she misses him. But he shouldn't have betrayed her and that's her final choice. "You're sleeping with the enemy" really fits in with the cheating aspect of Kiss N Tell. This song is a good place to end, I think. It doesn't really properly conclude the story, and I don't think this story should be properly concluded. It's a journey that we all went through and we'll see where it goes when we get to Cannibal, whenever that is.

So that's just a quick tangent about what I think the album should be like. Take it with a grain of salt. I can't really change the album, can I?

Monday, July 30, 2018

Buying Things Can Be Experiences

A friend of mine, an individual much more wise than myself, once stated that "It's much better to spend your money experiencing things than buying things." Or something along those lines. I remember the sentiment, not the quote.

But that has a few issues. I'm 15, I don't have a job, and I can't drive by myself. So how am I going to go do anything if I can't go do anything? I mean, I could save up, but do you know how hard it is to save up 500 dollars to go somewhere?

But what can I do? Well, you can also have good memories buying gifts for people. I love buying gifts for people. I am generally happy, and buying stuff for myself will make me happier, but if I buy things for other people, not only am I making them happier, but I'm also showing them that I care, which in turn makes me happier.

The biggest gift I ever bought anyone was in 2017 when my friend wanted a game console but wasn't allowed to get a 360, so I got him a Wii. I got 4 Wii games, 4 GameCube games, 3 Virtual Console games, and anything else you'd need. It costs me probably around 300 dollars that I saved up for 4 months to get. I spent hours a day thinking about how happy he would be to get it. In the end I threw in a DS because I had a spare, and I think that may have helped. I put everything together one night. It took me hours to put the box together. Luckily I consider myself to be pretty good at putting boxes together. I gave it to him on Friday so he had the weekend to play around with it. But we had play practice that night, so I got there and he was super stoked to ask me about it and he was like "Are you sure you want me to have it?" and I was like "Well what am I gonna do with it?" I had so much fun doing that.

But would it have been as special if I had told him about it beforehand? No, it wouldn't. It would just be like "Oh cool now I have a Wii." But the experience of opening a big gift from someone you're close to really brings out a feeling of gratitude that you never really feel. Imagine if someone said they were gonna buy me a bunch of records and then they did. Would I feel special? Nah. Now imagine I get a box on my front door and it's from a friend. I open it and it has all my favorite albums.
What a great gift!
I would really feel loved. I would feel like my friends appreciate me a lot. And that's a feeling I really want to spread to others. So giving people the happiness that comes from getting a good gift is an experience for me in making them feel good. See how it works?

I'm working on buying another big gift right now. I can't tell you what it is, but I can confirm it's bigger and better than a Wii.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Does 808s and Heartbreak need a sequel?

Credit: Glass Eyes on
I personally think My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is the most coherent, solid, and overall best album released by Kanye West. However, his release previous to MBDTF, titled 808s and Heartbreak, is the most unique of all his releases. It has no rapping from Kanye on it- only from Jeezy and Lil Dwayne. It has lots of autotune and smooth synthetic instrumentals. There are relatively few samples on the album, only 4 songs include samples as opposed to 10 out of MDBTF's 11 songs having samples. (All of the Lights is the exception.) There are no swear words on 808s. It is in no way similar to any of his other albums.

808s is also a very good album. From Welcome to Heartbreak's welcoming beat and great melody, to Coldest Winter's great setup, this album is really fun. Love Lockdown makes great use of autotune and vocal effects mixed with a down-to-earth piano riff. Not to mention Heartless, which is perfect in every way.

And last but not least, 808s is a short album. It only clocks in at 52 minutes. While this is a lot compared to Yeezus's 40 minutes and Ye (2018)'s 24 minutes, it's nothing compared to The Life of Pablo's 66 minutes or The College Dropout's 76 minutes. I'm sure I wouldn't be mad if the album were longer.

But does the world really need another 808s and Heartbreak?

Like I said earlier, all of Kanye's releases are different from each other. Ye and KIDS SEE GHOSTS may have been released just a week apart, but GHOSTS has a much more enthusiastic, happy vibe than Ye does, and it shows in the album art. College Dropout has a much more classic sound, Late Registration has a more jazzy sound, Graduation is an album of happy tunes and celebration, MBDTF is very heavy in its instrumentals, Yeezus is futuristic and scary, and Pablo is off the wall insanity that blends together nicely. 808s represents sadness, and it shows in its slower melodies and humble production.

TLDR, wouldn't another 808s release go against what Kanye does and what Kanye stands for?

808s was released at a very low point in Kanye's life. His fiancee broke up with him and his mother had just died. This depression fueled a lot of the content on 808s, like in the song Bad News for example.

Kanye isn't out of his troubles yet, but he's doing better now than he was before. He realizes that he has a family that loves him, and he knows they'll be with him through anything, even when he makes mistakes that could ruin them.

Without the energy surrounding 808s, it wouldn't be as good as it is. The emotions Kanye held back in 08 are very different from the emotions he holds now. An 808s sequel would be a very strange product, and I can't say I'd like it. I think it would be best to just leave 808s and Heartbreak's legacy alone.

TL;DR- 808's and Heartbreak does not need a sequel.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

E3 Wishes 2018 - Recap

So EA's conference already aired, but I didn't watch it. I'll just pretend it didn't happen. What I really wanted from them were a new Simpsons console game, and ports of Battlefield V and PVZ Garden Warfare to the Switch. None of that happened, from what I've heard. I don't know. I haven't seen it yet.

Next up we have Microsoft's conference, which is later today as of the time I'm posting this. What I really want from them is some more OG Xbox compatibility with the Xbox One and a new game from Rare. Oh, and Halo 6.

After that, Bethesda has a conference. I want more info on Fallout 6, and I really want Elder Scrolls III on the Vita.

Square Enix owns Tomb Raider, so I want Shadow of the Tomb Raider on Switch. Oh, and a new Gex game, since they own Eidos and Crystal Dynamics.
From Ubisoft I want more Rayman stuff, a new Prince of Persia, and some more info on Starlink. I can't wait to play that game.

Sony needs to give us more Vita titles.

From Nintendo, I want Wii U Pro Controller support on the Switch, and I want Solid Snake to be in Smash 5. A physical Fast RMX or a new F-Zero wouldn't hurt.

With Sega and Atlus, I want a new Crazy Taxi, Saturn games on Switch (including Shin Megami Tensei), and a localization of Phantasy Star Online 2.

From Activision, I want Call of Duty WWII on Switch.
And finally, I want Capcom to stop putting only half the game on the cartridge for Switch games. I would really like a port of the first 4 Resident Evil games (including Code Veronica as a regular title).

I won't be around for the rest of E3, so I'll be able to look back on this when I come home and see what happened and what didn't. Spoilers for the rest of these E3 2018 posts, but I don't expect any of this to happen.

Friday, June 8, 2018

E3 Wishes and Predictions 2018 - Capcom

Capcom is a strange company. They can do so much good, but they can shoot themselves in the foot incredibly easily. We've seen this 3 times this year with the Switch releases of Resident Evil Revelations II, The Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, and the Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2. All 3 of these titles require additional downloads. It's slightly understandable with Revelations II, since it's a modern game with lots of data. However, the 2 Mega Man Legacy Titles have no excuse. Those games are not big enough to fill up a whole cartridge with data, so we should not need a download code.

But I really like Capcom. They have Mega Man, Resident Evil, and Monster Hunter. So here's what I want for E3 from them.

E3 Wishes and Predictions 2018 - Activision

I'll be entirely honest with you; I don't want much from Activision this year. Crash is already coming to Switch, I don't care about Destiny, I don't care about Skylanders, and I don't care about THPS games after 2.

I said yesterday in my Nintendo wishes post that I wanted CoDBlOpsIIII on Switch. I don't think I do. BlOps has a much higher focus on multiplayer, and from what I've heard CoDBlOpsIIII doesn't have a campaign. Supposedly it's been replaced with a battle royale mode. Thanks Activision. Instead, I'd much rather have a port of World at War II. It has a campaign and multiplayer, and I wouldn't use the battle royale mode in CoDBlOpsIIII. Besides, I find the WWII aesthetic much more than the future Cold War motif. Since it's coming out later, they can probably fit the game on a 32gb cartridge and not have a mandatory download like the Xbox One version was announced to have last year.
I don't think that's going to happen. I think Activision will have playable demos of Crash for the Xbox One if not the Switch, and they'll have a demonstration of CoDBlOpsIIII at one of the conferences. I'm betting on it being Microsoft's conference. They might announce a new Skylanders game, but I'm not counting on it. I'm still hyped for Crash, so I'm excited to see what happens with it.

E3 Wishes and Predictions 2018 - Sega + Atlus

Well last year, most of the things in my "realistic" tier of wishes from Sega was answered. We got playable demos of Sonic Mania and Forces, a new All Stars Racing game was announced (albeit with only Sonic characters this time), and PSO2 is on the Switch. So now I have new things to beg for.

NEW CRAZY TAXI - I love Crazy Taxi. It's super fun. I would really love a new one for current platforms. I already made a potential soundtrack for it in Spotify. I would like if all the Crazy Taxi 3 maps and 2 new maps were included in it, but as long as it's Crazy Taxi and it has at least 1 good map and solid music, I don't mind.

PSO 2 LOCALIZED - Phantasy Star Online 2 looks like it would really fun. I don't have a Raspberry Pi, so I can't play PSO online on the Dreamcast. But the Switch has WiFi. I'd much prefer to play online. Thing is, I can't read Japanese so playing it in its current state is near impossible. I would love it if it came to the West. I would prefer an actual port over PSO2 Cloud, but I'll take what I can get. Also, put it on Xbox One. They have about 38 million users, so that's a lot of potential sales of PSO 2.

SATURN GAMES ON SWITCH - The Saturn is easily Sega's most collectible console. It has almost 1400 titles, and a lot of them are uncommon and expensive. Saturn consoles are also the most valuable of all Sega consoles. Genesises are about 30 bucks, Dreamcasts are around 50, Master Systems are upwards of 85, and Saturns are over 100 dollars. Long story short, Saturn collecting is expensive and I want Sega to just rerelease things on the Switch, sort of like Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection.

And since Sega owns Atlus, they could put Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner for the Saturn on the Switch. I've never played Shin Megami Tensei before, but I've always wanted to. Besides, I have to mention Atlus somewhere in this post. We'll throw in a Persona 4 Golden port for good measure.

Last year, I said that I wanted a new Sega console. Now I don't. If Sega had a new console, all their cool games would be exclusive to their platform, and I couldn't play them on Switch. We also can't confirm that a new Sega console would have good third party, so it would only be good for playing Sega games. No thanks.

So what I expect from Sega and Atlus this E3 is not a lot. Sega is going to be showing off All Stars Racing 3 and Valkyria Chronicles 4. I'm hyped for both of those, so this is a good show so far. I feel like Sega Ages is having some titles announced, plus an announcement for Sega Ages for PS4 and Xbox One. I just feel like that's gonna happen. Atlus is probably going to talk about Catherine and Shin Megami Tensei 5. That's all I think will happen. It sounds like a good showing this year. See you later for when I talk about Activision's set!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

E3 Wishes and Predictions 2018 - Nintendo

So Nintendo has a 45 minute long Direct this year. We got a 34 minute Direct in March with Okami, Crash Bandicoot, Undertale, Dark Souls, South Park, Sploon 2 DLC, Mario Tennis, and Smash 5. Imagine what we could get in a 45-minute E3 direct, even if 10 minutes or so are dedicated only to Smash 5.

First off, I hope we'll get something from Activison. Crash and Skylanders are the only Activision games on the Switch, and I think CoDBlOpsIIII will be on Switch. I would really appreciate if CoDBlOpsIIII would be cross-platform with Xbox One and PC. I gave up hope for crossplay with PS4 last year.
I didn't make this picture. I stole it off the internet.
I might have said this in my Square Enix post, but I have a feeling that Square is going to announce a new Switch game because they have a new division devoted entirely to the Switch. What I want them to announce is Shadow of the Tomb Raider for Switch. Maybe it's in the Direct, maybe not.

You know what I want announced during the Direct? I want Nintendo to announce that the Wii U Pro Controller is compatible with the Switch. The only things the Switch Pro Controller can do that the Wii U Pro Controller can't are reading amiibos and motion controls, which aren't even used in a majority of games. The Wii U Pro Controller is cheaper than the Switch Pro Controller, better than the Joy Cons, and more compatible with the GameCube controller. The GameCube controller isn't great for some games that use the ZL or - buttons, or games that map the jump button to anything other than A. It works fantastic for Mario Kart and Minecraft, though.
This controller feels really great. The GameCube and Saturn controllers are the only controllers better.
I want Nintendo to announce a new F-Zero game. Or they could announce that Fast RMX is getting a physical release. I would be fine with both. Fast Neo got a physical release in Europe, but I can't run it, so I'm not getting any Fast Racing games.
Amazon UK has low-res images.
And finally, I hope Snake, Sonic, Mega Man, Pac-Man, Bayonetta, Ryu, Cloud, Bayonetta, Pichu, and the Ice Climbers are back for Smash 5. I think all the first-party characters from Smash 4 will return, but the 3rd-party characters and cut characters are not as likely.

Ubisoft will have a Switch game to announce. I guarantee it. Ubisoft is one of Nintendo's biggest 3rd-party allies, if ZombiU and Watch Dogs and Mario Rabbids are anything to go by. In March, they announced South Park for Switch. At E3 last year, they announced Steep and Mario Rabbids. I think it's safe to say that Ubisoft will have a big title to announce for the Switch during the Direct. I can't say that it will be an exclusive, but I would be shocked if it wasn't.

Nintendo is going to talk about Smash. I don't think Solid Snake will be back. Sonic will. Mega Man will. Bayonetta will. The rest might be back as DLC, but I'm not counting on it.

There will be some crazy announcement that nobody was expecting. Eternal Darkness? Probably not. Timesplitters? Probably not. Sonic Unleashed? I would love that, but probably not. But I'm not expecting them to announce it, so there is even more of a chance that we'll see it.

We might see more of Pokemon Pikachu/Eevee. I hope we do. That game sounds like fun, considering I really enjoyed LeafGreen.

So this whole time I've been going in order of the conferences. But Nintendo is the last conferences, and I still have companies like Sega and Activision to talk about. So what I'll do from now on is what I did last year- just pick the companies in a random order. See you later when I make a post about whatever company I decide to talk about.

E3 Wishes and Predictions 2018 - Sony

I'll be honest, I almost fell asleep watching Sony's E3 show last year. It had some cool games, but it really didn't have anything to pull me in or even keep my attention for great periods of time. There didn't seem to be a big variety of different genres. Everything was an open-world game with realistic graphics and good cinematics. Hopefully it's different this year.

Last year, Microsoft surprised people at E3. It wasn't with Minecraft, and it wasn't with the car, and I don't mean with OG Xbox compatibility. I'm talking about Super Lucky's Tale. Microsoft has made more mature games for years now. The last kid-friendly game Microsoft not counting Kinect or karaoke games is possibly Viva Pinata Trouble In Paradise back in 2008. And now they had a 3D platformer coming out. Sony should have a new 3D platformer coming out. They've made mostly mature games over at Sony for a while now as well. We have God of War and Detroit and Uncharted, but we haven't gotten a really good kid-friendly game for a while. When did the last Ratchet and Clank come out?

Sony needs to give a 2 hour presentation of that new Tetris game by the Rez guys. I love Tetris.
Sony needs to announce new Vita games. That is the law. They broke the law last year. The Vita is awesome. At least acknowledge that the Vita exists.
A gorgeous blue PS Vita
I think Sony could easily make PS1 discs work on the PS4. The PS3 can do it. The PS2 can do it. The Dreamcast can do it with a boot disc. I think you can mod your Wii to do it. Why they haven't at this point is beyond me, other than the fact that Sony wants you to rebuy all their PS1 games digitally. Joke's on you, Shawn. I might have bought your console if you would let me run my PS1 and PS2 games.

I'll get to the point now. Sony, make PS1 games and PS2 games compatible with PS4. Or, at the very least, the PS4 Pro.

Finally, the PS4 and Vita need a Twisted Metal game. Twisted Metal only had 2 games last-gen, one of which was on the PSP. There hasn't been a Twisted Metal game this generation. I would love to play a Twisted Metal game for the Vita.

I expect Sony to have a trailer of some sort for their limited Days of Play console and then a bunch of trailers for new games that aren't out for a long time. They'll probably have some PS VR games to show off. I expect more of Spiderman, since the release is coming closer and they've shown it at E3 for a while now. I don't expect Sony to even mention the Vita, since they've effectively disowned the thing; it's a shame. Naughty Dog will have at least one game to show off. Capcom will have a game to show off. Hideo Kojima might show off his weird new game, but I can't say for sure.

Nintendo has a 45 minute show this year. Oh boy.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

E3 Wishes and Predictions 2018 - Ubisoft

Ubisoft had a great E3 conference last year. It had Bebe Rexha in it. They finally announced a sequel to Beyond Good and Evil on the Xbox, and Bebe Rexha was there. Shigeru Miyamoto helped announce Mario Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. Not to mention, Bebe Rexha was there. So how do they follow it up this year?






Rayman Legends came out 4 or 5 years ago already. I would love to have another 2D Rayman game like it available. Rayman is an awesome franchise that I really like. I wouldn't mind if it included Rayman Legends content as unlockable content or DLC either.

Just Dance 2019 is pretty much a given. But what's not a given is whether or not it will be on Wii U, 360, or PS3. I have no doubt it will be on the Wii, since that version always sells well, but I hope it's on Wii U, 360, and PS3 just for the legacy of it all. Oh, and feel free to include some songs from Kesha's Rainbow in there. That's my favorite album of 2017. Green Light by Lorde should also be in there. Hopefully there's enough good songs in there to make me feel like it's better than JD18. Just dance 3, 2014, and 2017 are currently the best ones. Hopefully I can add 2019 to the list.
The guys behind Let's Sing 2018 got lazy and released it for Wii and Switch, but not Wii U. That's why I'm not sure about Just Dance 2019 for the Wii U.
You know a really good franchise the Ubisoft now owns that sold really well in the past, but they haven't done anything with recently?
Uhh, yeah, that might be it. Thanks, wallpaper guys. I've heard some say that Prince of Persia evolved into the Assassins Creed series, but I think the Prince of Persia series just has a much more interesting aesthetic to it. Assassins Creed has Roger Craig Smith, but it doesn't matter if the environments aren't that interesting. The only interesting-looking AC games I've seen are Black Flag and Origins, and I don't think we'll be getting those again soon. So give us more Prince of Persia. Did you guys know that Prince of Persia had a movie and LEGO sets? isn't that neat?
If that were all Ubisoft announced this year, I would be more than satisfied. Rayman, Prince of Persia, and a good Just Dance game are all I really need from them. But there is some more stuff I'd like to mention.

Starlink is a game I haven't seen or heard anything about since last E3. Where has it been? I hope it returns this year. I was super hyped and it looked really interesting. I really, really want to play it, and it's supposed to be out in the fall of this year, so we should see more of it this year.

I've heard in the past that Watch Dogs and Assassins Creed were going to both be on a biennial cycle- Assassins Creed one year, Watch Dogs the next. It's clear at this point that's not happening, but I really wish it was. It seems like the perfect fit. I have Watch Dogs 1 on Wii U and it has its fun moments. I've heard the second one is a lot better. I have high hopes for a third one, if they ever decide to make it.

I expect Ubisoft to show off Just Dance. They did last year. Bebe Rexha was there. This year I think they'll get someone like Dua Lipa, although I wouldn't count Bebe Rexha out with the popularity of Meant to Be this past year. I also expect to see some Beyond Good and Evil 2 footage, including gameplay. I think they'll show off some more Starlink, since the last we've heard of it was at last E3. I really thought that game was interesting and I want to see more. We'll probably get a trailer for the new Assassins Creed game. It will be a great show, no doubt. It can't say it will be better than Nintendo's or Sony's, but I have high hopes. Next I'll discuss Sony's show. Goodbye!

E3 Wishes and Predictions 2018 - Square Enix

I was surprised to read that Square is having a conference this year. I haven't paid much attention to them recently; they just don't seem to make the content that appeals to me, for the most part. But there is a conference, and they are a company, so we'll see what they have.

First of all, I hope that Shadow of the Tomb Raider is announced for Switch. Square Enix just announced that they have a whole new division just for Switch game development. Tomb Raider probably isn't what they're working on, but I really hope it is. I would love to have that game on Switch, assuming it runs.

I hope they announce that Final Fantasy XV is coming to Switch. LambHoot said it was the one of the best games of last year, and it would be interesting to see how it would be converted. That would be cool. I might even buy it.

Square Enix owns Eidos, and Eidos owns Crystal Dynamics. And do you know who Crystal Dynamics owns?

Crystal Dynamics owns Gex. Gex is awesome. Wouldn't it be super rad if Gex got a new 3D platformer? I would think that would be great. Or Square could put the original trilogy on a disc or on a cart for 30 bucks, add in like a set of stickers, and you've got a definite sale from me. I love Gex.

But I don't expect Square to announce that Gex is getting a new game. I expect them to talk about Octopath Traveller for a bit, and then they'll talk about Tomb Raider and Dragon Quest, and they'll announce a JRPG that I likely won't play. Not that any of them are bad, but I would really like Gex 4.

But the next conference is Ubisoft. I love Ubisoft. They're great. But I'll talk about that later. Goodbye!

E3 Wishes and Expectations 2018 - Bethesda Softworks

Eyyy, Bethesda. They're a cool company. They've worked hard in the past year to put all the coolest games on Switch and PSVR. No Vita, but we'll forgive them. What are they going to show at E3 this year?

Well, I know they'll be showing off Fallout 6 (Fallout 76 is a dumb name), but what are they going to show off? I'm thinking they'll show off a short trailer, but not gameplay footage. If my guesstimate is correct that this game is coming out in spring, then we'll get some gameplay footage further down the line. But hopefully we can get gameplay footage sooner, like, sometime during E3 would be great. It could really boost Sony or Nintendo's conference; preferably Sony's because their conference last year was much less interesting than Nintendo's.
But Fallout 6 can't be the only game they're showing off. That would be lame! So they've got to announce something else.

Elder Scrolls 3! Bethesda seems to love rereleasing Elder Scrolls 5. There are 7 releases of it as far as I know, maybe 8. But Elder Scrolls 3 is only on 2 platforms- Xbox and PC. The Xbox version doesn't even run that well without an Xbox One X. So here's an idea for Bethesda - rerelease Elder Scrolls 3 on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and Vita.

"Vita? Why the Vita, Josh?" Hear me out.

Bethesda likes to port stuff. It could port Elder Scrolls 3 to the Vita to make a bit more money. Even if it's a straight port of the original with no enhancements other than framerate and draw distance, they should be good. The Vita users would definitely pick it up, since the Vita's AAA release schedule in the coming months is pretty much nonexistent. Besides, the Vita is portable. You don't know how many people would buy either a Switch or a Vita just to play Elder Scrolls 3 portably. And since the Vita is the cheaper of the two, there will likely be a decent amount of Vita sales. Bethesda gets the sales from Vita fans, and Sony gets the sales from Elder Scrolls fans. Good?
I didn't bother fixing half the Bethesda logo here. Sorry.
I really hope the ES3 port has that thing that the Master Chief Collection has on Xbox One, where you can switch between the high-definition remaster and the original graphics just by pressing the Select button or something. If it runs at a consistent 30fps and has both graphics modes, then we're gucci. Also include the expansions please Bethesda. I don't see them charging full price for a remake of this game, since Dark Souls is 40 bucks on current platforms, but I can't say for sure.

But I don't expect them to do that at all. Here's what I think they'll actually do.

They WILL talk about Fallout 6. I think they'll announce platforms, just like in that tweet above, and they won't show gameplay, but they'll have a really short trailer. Less than a minute, no doubt. They'll probably have an eSports thing, just like they did last year with Quake III or whatever game it was that they played. They'll announce that, like, Dishonored 2 or something is coming to PSVR. They'll probably announce Skyrim for TurboGrafx16 or Saturn or both. Then it will probably be over and that will be it.

What conference comes up after theirs? Hopefully it's Ubisoft. I'll look at the list later. Whatever it is, I'll be posting about their conference later so be sure to read that one as well.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

E3 Wishes and Expectations 2018 - Microsoft

I have more hopes for Microsoft than I do for Electronic Arts. But I'm not entirely sure why. Microsoft doesn't really do much as far as games go, and E3 is all about games. They make Xbox Ones and they make 6th-gen and 7th-gen games run on Xbox One. That's why I'll have a lot more wishes than I'll have expectations, but we'll get to that later.

E3 Wishes and Expectations 2018 - Electronic Arts

So Electronic Arts is the first conference up at E3 2018. I've made it clear that I don't like Electronic Arts in the past, including last year's predictions post. But what do I want to happen this year at E3?

Well first of all, I would think it would be really cool if Electronic Arts would announce that Battlefield V is coming to Switch. I still wouldn't buy it, but shooter fans don't have much to buy a Switch for.

Wait, doesn't EA own the rights to the Simpsons license? And wasn't the last Simpsons game for a platform other than mobile way back in 2007? Why don't we get another Simpsons game? I would rather like that. I think that if the studio had some creative people in charge, a Simpsons title would do very well. The best part is that it doesn't even need to have loot boxes! It's a pre-established franchise, so it has brand power! And I know that EA makes tons of money off Tapped Out, so why not make it multiplat? PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, and heck, even put it on 360, PS3, and Wii U if you really can. That would be awesome.

PVZ Garden Warfare 2 is honestly not something I'm too familiar with. But PVZ is a game that I enjoy, so I wouldn't mind if Garden Warfare 2 found itself on my favorite Nintendo platform besides the GameCube, Wii, and Wii U.

What do I expect from Electronic Arts though?

I'm sure we'll get something about their sports titles. They have Madden and Fifa. I'm sure we'll hear something about their mobile games.

After their whole loot box fiasco last November, I'm sure we'll hear something about how Electronic Arts games will not have loot boxes, or will have very miniscule loot boxes, for the foreseeable future.

And finally, I'm 100% sure we'll see a lot of Anthem this year. Xbox showed off Anthem last year and it got a fair amount of showtime. With the release date inching closer, there might even be a demo of some sort. Probably not, but I can't say for sure.

So that's what I want and what I think Electronic Arts will show off. Now I only have all the other companies to talk about. See you later!

Monday, June 4, 2018

Upcoming Switch Games and My Thoughts on Them

My name is Keri and I'm so very happy to be talking about the Switch. I do it often, but it's a good platform, so can you blame me? Probably in the upper half of my Nintendo console rankings and in the upper half of my 8th-gen rankings (only below the Wii U), it's got a good library of strong titles coming out for the foreseeable future. So I'm gonna take a look at some upcoming titles for the platform and what I think about them.

That's the Japanese version of the box art. Sue me.
Minecraft - Minecraft was already released on Switch about a year ago, but I don't care because it wasn't physical. My siblings decided to buy it, so I tried it out. It runs very similar to how it runs on 360, which is good. But that doesn't matter. That's because the new release runs on Better Together's engine, Bedrock. 


I tried Bedrock on different devices (Windows 10 PCs and 7" tablets), and I noticed that it doesn't look as nice as it does through Java or on 360. It has a really bad OS, too. Like, the inventory system is confusing, and the menu looks like it was designed for 2-year-olds. And from what I've heard from Xbox One users when they got the Better Together update, there's a chance that your worlds will be corrupted when converting them from the 4J engine to Bedrock. I'll buy it so I own as few games digitally as possible, but I'm not too interested in it personally. Minecraft releases on June 21st.

Okami HD - The original Okami was released on PS2 way back when, and it was very well-received critically. It was released on the Wii and PS3 later, each bringing their own strengths to the game. The Wii had motion controls so the drawing technique worked better, and the PS3 version runs in 720p high-definition. At least on my TV it does. It's a 720p TV. But neither version features both of those enhancements until now. The Switch version is in HD and it features the motion controls that the Wii version has.

But I'm not sure if I'm going to buy it. It's not physical here in the States. It's a shame, because I would love to have it available on Switch physically in English, which isn't confirmed yet for the Japanese release, so I don't know whether to import it or not. If it has English, I might import it. If it doesn't, I'll be sticking with the Wii version. Okami HD releases on August 9th.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus - I'm not too interested in shooters outside of the Wii and Halo 2 & 3. But I'd be lying if I said the story to Wolfenstein IX didn't intrigue me just a bit. The game isn't a particularly beautiful game (the only good looking Bethesda games as of late are Doom 4 and Elder Scrolls 5), but it looks like I would get a kick out of it. I might get it, but I'd need to get a memory card first. My Switch doesn't have the space for a 293GB download. Thanks, Bethany. Wolfenstein II is released on Switch on June 29th.

The 2 Mega Man games - Mega Man X Legacy 1&2 is coming out first. I'm not sure if I want to get it or not. Mega Man Legacy is already out on Switch, and despite the fact that Capcom could easily fit all 10 games on one cartridge, they decided to make the second half a download code. It seems they are doing the same thing with the X Legacy Collection. I don't like downloadable games, so I'm not entirely sure if I should buy it. But I think I will probably at some point just for the games on the cartridge. I might give the download code away, or sell it. Mega Man X is a cool franchise. And say what you will, but they could charge 100 bucks for the collection and I'd buy it long before I'd buy a PAL copy of Mega Man X3 on Sega Saturn. Mega Man X Legacy Collection comes out July 24th.

Mega Man 11 is coming out later, and I'm much more excited for that one. A new Mega Man game is much more interesting than ports of old Super Nintendo and Sega Saturn games. I'm really happy they're taking the direction they're taking with the art style, since the industry seems to be oversaturated with indie pixel art games right now after 9 and 10 and a ton of other, unrelated games. And it's only 30 bucks to preorder! I'm super excited for this game, and it's a guaranteed purchase from me. Mega Man 11 is out on October 2nd.

Flashback - This game was released last year on the Dreamcast for the same price, so I'm not getting the Switch version. I just thought I'd promote the Dreamcast some. Go support JoshProd. If you want the Switch version, it's out July 24th.

Sonic Mania Plus - Sonic Mania was released digitally last year. Now it's got a cartoon already available for streaming, a vinyl soundtrack by DATADISCS available for purchase, and a physical copy coming later this year. The physical copy comes with an art book and all upcoming DLC. The DLC includes 2 new characters, a 4-player single split-screen mode, an Angel Island extension, and some new sprites or something. I will definitely be getting this. Sonic Mania Plus is out July 17th.

So those are all the games I have for today. But soon I'll have my E3 predictions posts coming, and after E3 there will be more games to talk about. I can't wait to see what the conference brings us.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Answering Some Questions

1) What is your favorite way to dress?

I wear black sweatpants every day. T-shirts are solid. I have a lot of them. My favorite T-shirt is a Never Forget Gex shirt created by LambHoot. Then I have a black zip hoodie over it. I wear an orange hat every day. I wear socks with Brooks Ravenna 8 shoes every day. I also wear 5 bracelets- "He Lives", "", "CTS Fort Wayne", and 2 school ones.
Mine is purple, but this looks pretty good.

2) If I could change anything about myself, what would it be? 

I wish I didn't have any social anxiety. Do you know how nervous I get when I talk to anyone outside of my small group of friends? It's awful. I wish that didn't happen.

3) What movie/game/other helps you calm down?

Crazy Taxi is very calming. It's fast-paced, so you forget about everything else going on real quick. If I want to listen to music, I'll listen to Gotye's Making Mirrors.

4) What does your room smell like?

It probably smells like clean sheets, since that's what my Febreze is supposed to smell like.

5) Do you like to organize?

Yeah, I guess. I organize things more than I need to.

6) What kind of music would you listen to if you could only pick one?

"What kind" is a very vague statement. So I pick earth music, meaning music from earth. Almost all of my favorite artists are from earth. Kesha lives on earth, Ariana Grande lives on earth, Gotye lives on earth...

7) What song is your aesthetic?

WALK AWAY by Bad Religion is my aesthetic.

8) What color do you think goes best with your personality?

I didn't know this was a thing that people thought about. Yellow. I really liked things that were yellow when I was a child. I mostly wear black and I don't even use yellow that much, but that's just what I think in my head.

9) Do you believe in auras?

Do I believe in what?

10) What do you wish you hated, but actually like?

Nothing. Why would I want to hate things? If you like things then you tend to have a better outlook on life.

11) "Vague about your crush"

That's not a question. Vague is not a verb, as far as I know. Currently I don't have a crush. Having a crush really drains you, and it's never ended well for me.

12) Is there someone you have mixed feelings towards?

Alexa. She dumped me 2 weeks ago to the day and she's already been with 2 guys since. I don't think she's a bad person, but I'm not necessarily her biggest fan.

13) Talk about an AU or a story you came up with.

That's not a question. But I have a good story to tell.

So this one time, I went to Best Buy. That's the end of my story.

14) Do you like makeup?

I really don't care if you use makeup. If we're being honest, I probably won't even notice unless you use a lot.

15) Do you prefer space or the ocean?

Space, definitely. The other planets are so interesting and there's so much cool stuff out in space. And only a few people get to go to space. I wish I could go to the moon. That would be awesome.

16) If you could pick any planet besides earth, where would you live?

That's an interesting question. I guess I would have to say Venus, since it's supposedly the most similar to earth. I'd still need a good space suit so I don't die instantly, and I'd need to bring lots of water, but otherwise we're all good.

17) What form of government do you like the most? (capitalism, socialism, etc)

See, the question is bad, since capitalism and socialism aren't actually types of government. My favorite type of government is actually a republic. If you're wondering what my favorite economic system is, it's capitalism. My wealthy family would have high taxes under socialism and I couldn't buy Dreamcast games at all under communism, so that's my only option.

18) What animal would you keep as a pet if you could?

I'm satisfied having my dog Baylee and my cat Oscar. They are good pets. My siblings have a salamander, but I don't take care of it. It's not my salamander.

19) What do you think our purpose is in the universe?

To play Dreamcast games. What else would it be?

20) Do you believe in God?

Yes, I do. I am a Christian. I'm thinking of becoming a Lutheran pastor, but it's a few years off before I can actually do that.

21) Is there a song you can't handle listening to, even though you like it?

THEM AND US by Bad Religion is acceptable while playing Crazy Taxi. If I ever hear it and I'm not playing Crazy Taxi, someone will die.

22) What ex do you miss the most?

I've only been in one relationship, so I guess it would have to go to Alexa, even though I don't really miss her all that much.

23) Do you like soft fluffy blankets, or rough smooth blankets?

I have both types. I got 2 blankets when I was a young child that are sort of rough now and they're really good. But I got another blanket for graduating from my previous school and that one's pretty soft.

24) What is your favorite thing to learn about?

What kind of stupid question is that?

25) What country's history do you find the most interesting?

I don't know a whole lot about the history of current countries. I really enjoyed learning about the ancient civilizations in 4th grade. We read about Sumerians and Phoenicians and stuff.

26) What do you think about genderbent anyone?

27) What breakup was the hardest?

I really don't want to put Alexa again, but I don't really have a choice, do I?

28) Is there anyone I know where I can't decide if they're just a friend or if I like them romantically?

Ehhh, nah. Not really. I feel like I should say Ally just because she is a good friend of mine and Meanie would be mad if he saw it.

29) What do you think about tumblr discourse Twitter drama?

I love Twitter drama, but I also hate it. It's bad that it's happening, and I wish people could just get along, but it's very entertaining to watch unfold.

30) What instrument do you wish you could master?

Boi, I wanna learn to play the piano. I already have a piano and I can play melodies if I try, but I think it would be really cool if I could just wake up one day and be really good at the piano.

31) How easy is it for you to be honest?

I'm pretty good at being honest. I don't lie very often. I kid around a lot, but I don't often lie. I'm actually pretty bad at lying, honestly.

32) Do you have any strange interests?

I love Kesha and I want to learn to fly a plane and become a Lutheran pastor. Do you think there might be a conflict in there somewhere, maybe with Kesha and the LCMS? I think there would be, since Kesha's so liberal and the LCMS is conservative. And how many people do you know that want to fly a plane?

33) Do you have any strange fears?

I don't think I do. I fear dying alone, and I fear that people don't actually like me and are only nice to me out of pity, but that's about it. I'm also deathly afraid of falling to my death. I'm not that great of a driver.

34) What food do you binge eat when you're lazy?

Sour Patch Melons. They're so tasty.

35) When you get angry, how do you show it?

I yell at people. Sometimes I pinch them with my fingernails. It's a surprisingly effective technique.

36) Do you have any impulsive moments?

Not that I'm aware of.

37) What do you listen to music on?

This is going to sound strange, but I listen to music on my Nintendo 3DS. Here's why-

  • It can run MP3s that I download off YouTube for free.
  • It works without internet and without having to pay for it.
  • It can play playlists in different ways. Spotify has
    • One time through, then stop
    • Play through the playlist twice
    • Repeat the playlist indefinitely
    • Shuffle
  • While the 3DS has
    • One time through, then stop
    • Repeat the playlist indefinitely
    • Play this one song and then stop
    • Play this one song on loop indefinitely
    • Play only a part of this song on loop indefinitely
    • Shuffle
  • The 3DS lets you change the speed and pitch of any song if you want.
  • The 3DS has different filters you can use on the songs.
  • The 3DS has physical buttons, and using the touchscreen is optional.
  • You can use the 3DS Sound thing while the system is closed. You can do this with Spotify, but not YouTube.
  • The 3DS tracks the 10 songs you listen to the most in real time. Spotify will only tell you the top 5 at the end of each year.
  • The 3DS lets you play any MP3 and not just the music in the catalog they have.
  • The parakeet is awesome. He's fun.

I hope that helps some.

38) Are you left-brained or right-brained?

I didn't know, so I took a test. Psychtests says I'm slightly more left-brained. I don't know how accurate that site is, but that's what it says.

39) Earbuds or headphones?

Earbuds, please. My last headset broke a few weeks ago when I dropped this laptop on it. My sibling has a headset that I steal sometimes, but it has awful noise isolation. Like, it has good sound quality, but I can hear everything that everyone is saying, and everyone can hear the song I'm listening to. It's super annoying. Kanye isn't always the most child-friendly artist, and neither is Kesha. I want my privacy.

40) Do you like light or heavy blankets?

What kind of a question is that? Heavy blankets? Are you trying to kill me? I rarely use a blanket. I mostly just use my comforter (which is pretty thin), or sometimes I use a thin blanket and no comforter. And sometimes that's too hot, so I just sleep on top of everything.

That was fun. I thought my site was a better place to fill out one of these things than Twitter is, since there's no character limit. I might do another one of these in the future. Maybe not. I do sort of want my site to be more personal, but I still want it to have a lot of media involved, so we'll see what the future brings.