Sunday, June 22, 2014

Stormy Awards - 2014 1/2

Hey guys, Storm here. If you have ever voted in the Stormy Awards before (Which you haven't, this is the first time) You would know (but you don't) How the Stormy Awards work (but you can't, because this is the first time), and here's how it goes. I go to and pick 3 movies from each month this year and put them in a vote. There will be 18 movies, so be sure to look over them carefully so you don't have to change your vote later. Then, whichever movie has the most votes at the end of the voting session (July 13th) will win a Stormy Award! (It's called that because I am IcySTORM 9. And I encourage everybody to vote for any movie that you want, but please just vote. So here it is, the moment you have all been reading for, here is the vote! Now I will just leave you alone to vote in peace, so until next time, this is Storm signing off.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Back From Camp!

Hey guys, Storm here! Today I am announcing that I am back from camp. I stayed in a treehouse for a week cooking my own food over a campfire. It was great. This is just to tell you guys that I am back, so see ya later with a new segment right here on Icystorm's Igloo!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

No New Posts this Week

Hey guys, Storm here. This is just a message to all of you telling you that I am going to summer camp starting in a couple of hours and it will last until Friday evening, so I will not post this week other than this post and a Saturday post. That is all I wanted to say, so goodbye!

Update: This also means no updates for Cheapoland this week, it is supposed to update on Tuesday, but this will not happen. Sorry to everyone who enjoys this world! Until next time, this is Storm signing off.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Cheapoland Voting Center - New Robber Lessons Store Items

Hey guys, Storm here. Today I am here with another poll. Today I am launching a vote for Cheapoland. Cheapoland is a Minecraft world that I have been running for the past 6 months with updates every 2 weeks or so. About a month ago I decided that we should have the people decide what content they are getting! So I started a voting center in Cheapoland. The old voting session is over and it is time for a new one. This time we are voting on what item should be added to the upcoming Robber Lessons store in Cheapoland. Here it is!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Icystorm's Analysis - Poptropica: Survival


Hey guys, Storm here. Today a tackle a topic for Poptropica, since I haven't done that yet and I really like it. 
     In the beginning of this year, I'd say January, Poptropica released an island named Survival. It was the first island to be in episodes, so we know there would be some experimenting with the story and stuff, but this is weird. At the end of episode 1, we see a camera staring at us from a distance sleeping under a rock. (Not literally, but we were sleeping next to the base of a round rock, so technically above us its a rock because the boulder is round. Enough earthy stuff for now) ANYWAY, sorry I got off topic. Back to the analysis! Who could the camera guy be?  Well, lets continue. In episode 2, the guy is seen again looking at several things from his TVs, with one staring at a beaver (or something, I can't really remember) 2 staring at things that I don't remember, maybe fish. One looking at a wood carving I made earlier, stating "Icy Storm was here", and the final one, you guessed it, staring at a hillbilly who just ate a home-caught fish from the river of the Poptropica wilderness, most likely leading into the ocean. And for those who have played Club Penguin for at least 2 years, we know that if you are a hillbilly far from civilization and you just ate a homecaught and homecooked fish from a river that leads out to the ocean, your gonna fall asleep, someone is gonna take your sleeping spot and use it as an evil lair, and use it to build crazy things to try and kill the natives and destroy all their stuff. But storytime's over. Who would want to know where you are, where a crazy hillbilly is sleeping? Here's your answer. CP fans: Jet Pack Guy
Poptropica fans: That's what we are trying to find out. 
Here are some of my theories. Dr Hare
He poisoned himself to have the mindset of a rabbit, to wear a pink rabbit costume, and to eventually have world domination. The poison might have some side-effect that only works after 6 years. But the thing is, we have no idea what's going on with him, but the last time I checked he was in jail. He could have broken out of jail, but remember it's always stormy in that place. He could swim back to shore, but he will be killed if lightning strikes the ocean. I don't know about him, but anything's possible. Also remember that it seems as if Dr. Hare along with Captain Crawfish are Poptropica's favorite masterpieces for villains.

Greg Heffley:

Hey, weren't we supposed to follow a pattern and have an island about him about every 15 months? Uhh, wheres 2013? Greg wants another quest, so he hacks Poptropica, makes himself a character in this island, Boom, some crazy malfunction on Mocktropica island, makes things stormy on every island and not just Mocktropica island like it was SUPPOSED to, our blimp gets hit by lightning, we go down. Luckily we have parachutes, but we land in some trees in a snowy wilderness. Remember Greg's first storyline? SNOWY Quest. You see where I'm going with this? Didn't think so. Well anyway, I think Jeff Kinney sabotaged himself on this one. He is the CEO of Poptropica, and if his character is programmed right, he could destroy the whole site. But who would help him do that? Who would code him to do that? Who can build machines that help people? He must have the help of....


If you were paying attention to the last paragraph (which you probably thought was bogus so you just skipped it) you would have noticed that Mordred may have helped Greg do this if Greg is the bad guy of this island. Mordred programmed Greg into Survival. I don't know, maybe I'm just crazy with the Greg thing.
One more.


Notice that like the Wimpy Kid island were supposed to do, Zeus follows a timeline. We see a new Zeus plot come up every other year since 2010 where he is the final boss. In 2010 he was the final boss in Mythology Island, and in 2012, he was the final boss in Super Villain Island. He is due to return this year, but we have no idea when. So if Zeus is the villain and I am right, I will be really happy. But then again Poptropica is doing a lot of wierd stuff lately with the new confusing and nonhelping inventory where only like 3 of your store items show up, and its the ones you never use, the Pi Day 2012 suits. So yeah. I have no idea.

This time I will not assume which one, this time you pick. I have too many theories and not that much evidence. So you either type in the comments down below who you think it is, or you can tweet me by clicking my name right here: @Icystorm9 
If you liked this analysis, you can share it with all your great followers by clicking the boxes above the comments, but below the analysis. Until next time, this is Storm signing off.