Thursday, March 27, 2014

CLUB PENGUIN Adventure Party vs P0PTR0PICA: Time Tangled Island

Hey guys, Storm here. This is basically a make-up post because I have been forgetting to do my weekly posts for a while. ANYWAY, this is a battle for the better computer game events/quests.



So which one is better? I am guessing that you will say Adventure Party, but that is out of my control. Until next time, this is Storm signing off.

Buy me LEGO magazines, Do not pass GO

Hey guys, Storm here. I need help with a problem. I really like LEGO's, so I subscribed to the LEGO club magazine. I did that about a month ago, but we haven't gotten 1 issue yet. Is there something wrong about my subscription or what is going on here? Please reply if you have an answer. Until next time, this is Storm signing off.

Muppets: World Tour - My Thoughts

Hey guys, Storm here.  I am doing a review of the Muppet party on CP.

1: I - It's pretty fun for artwork, along with the cool pin.
   II - Party emotes are cool, but I don't like the fact that they edited the normal emotes.
  III - The 3D effect of the Muppets is really cool, especially Bunsen and Beaker.

2: I - Doing the quests was fun, but not very easy on an almost-empty server, just like the one I always go on every morning, Sled.
   II - Pepe's sprite was gigantic. In the movies he is about the size of Rizzo, who you can fit about 10 of into Gonzo, but in the game, you can fit 1 1/3 Gonzos into Pepe.
  III - Meeting Kermit was fun, but sometimes he wouldn't log on for 7 or 8 hours, making it hard to meet him. I guess I was lucky.
  IV - The prizes are cool, but it is sad that there aren't more non-member items. My brother wanted all of the prizes, but he couldn't because my parents refuse to buy a 4-year-old a membership and I cannot afford one for him.

Those are my thoughts! If you would beg to differ on any of these things, feel free to do so in the comments below, or if below here is just another post, click the title of this post and then go down. Until next time, this is Storm signing off.

Friday, March 7, 2014


Hey guys, since I am pretty sure I didn't put up a post this week, I am just saying that Animaniacs is the best show on TV with Gravity Falls in a close second. Every single episode is free on Amazon Prime, so you can go check it out there. If you don't have Amazon Prime, you can check out some videos of Animaniacs in the link down below. ANYWAY, Thats all I wanted to say today, so I guess this is Storm, signing off.

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