Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Great Club Penguin Party Ideas

Hey guys, Storm here. Yes, I know, I need to do reviews for the School/Skate party as well as the ongoing SoundStudio party, but until then, I have some great ideas that I feel would make some pretty great parties. Thanks to Chillin43 for his magnificent work on Club Penguin Thoughts/Perspective for inspiring me.

1: Brown Puffle Expedition
Yes, I know that this already happened, but wouldn't it be really cool if it happened again? I mean, like, I love the idea of visiting a party I could have visited if I was just a few months earlier in joining. I would love to see a shortage in Brown puffles, so we have to go back to the Brown Puffle's cave to get a few more (like 100 out of the, I don't know, but there has to be at least 500) so players can adopt more. It would boost the ratings of the highly underrated brown puffle, who is technically the best puffle ever. Think about it. They can build spaceships out of nothing in a second. They have their own little society in that cave of theirs. They somehow got cookies. They can help G (who is currently cuckoo in the noggin) build inventions similar to the time trekker. They build SHRINK RAYS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! Anyway, sorry for getting off topic. So here's how it works.
Puffles are running low at the pet shop, but luckily, just last Thursday (we all know it has to be Thursday, guys) Gary discovered that the Brown puffle can mix genes with other puffles and not only create those same puffle types, but possibly new types of puffles like the slightly rumored in 2012 Magenta Puffle. This could boost the server rankings (like they have more penguins on them, currently I have no idea what to call it) with all the old penguins that left years ago, like Heatblast, Oscar One, and possibly even the original Vital Viper. This will also be exciting for new players, learning what it would be like to have visited this party in 2011.
Gary has called up Rory, who has just become a newly relevant character, to cut down a few trees by the dock so we can get into the wilderness. Remember that one path with the wilderness explorer hats on it at the beginning of the quest? I would love to see that path with weeds and giant plants, with that box being decayed and all the hats inside soggy and mildewwy. Then, in the maze, it would be darker, but with branches falling out of the trees, and possibly a few sightings of the puffle creatures (deer, raccoon, bat) in certain areas. Otherwise, the maze will be the same. Then we get to Gary's invention. That is old, falling apart, and is kind of worn down. Like, a lot. We then get a list of supplies that we need to get from the Ski Lodge, for example, some dominoes, a rope, a fishing pole, a couch cushion, and a crate. Then, you go back through the maze (or use the map) to go to the Ski Lodge. You then have to click on the items that you need. Once you have them all, you can go back, and you won't have to go through the maze again. Then, click on the machine. Then you figure out where the pieces go, with one little hint from Gary, but only one for all the items. Once the machine is built, you travel down to to the shore. The boat is deconstructed, and you have to build it, just like the 2011 party, but you will need a life vest to get across. This time, the life vest is for all players. You then can hop into the boat by waddling to it, and then clicking the sail to make it go towards the cave. Once you are on the shore, your boat will crash into a rock by the shore, because it sailed away in the sudden wind, and on the shore there is a free item box with backgrounds of what the cave looked like in the first party. Maybe, just maybe, there will be another free for all box with the Sailor Cap in it for all players, so players who do not have the app can still obtain it. Then, members can enter the Brown Puffle cave, and it seems as if they are striving better than Generation 1 of Brown Puffles with technology and such. It seems as if they have grown their own genetically modified O'Berry Bushes that create giant O'berries 2.5 times bigger than normal O'Berries. We then get to carry 5 brown puffles on our shoulders and play a Puffle Rescue-type minigame to get them to shore with the pieces left of our boat still floating around. There will be 1 level only, but it will be the length of 2. Once we are on shore, you fall asleep. When you wake up, it turns out that you have been moved to the Pet Shop. This will feature an animation similar to that of the one at the end of PSA Mission 2. Anyway, PH says that you were brave and helpful in helping the Brown Puffles that were adoptable not only be replenished, but they are now smarter because of watching what the new generation also helped the original set grow smarter. You now win a new cave igloo. I don't mean like the normal cave igloo already available, I mean a cave with a little bit of iron ore, aluminum ore, whatever they mined for in the mine, and one tiny chunk of silver, and a tinier chunk of gold. That kind of cave. Your brown puffle, is now also smarter and can do a new trick exclusive to brown puffles. That is build. He builds something cool, like for example, a lamp, rocking horse, vacuum, modern art, or beanbag. That item will be in that location until you log off. Other players will not see it, but it will be super cool.

2: Camp Penguin
No, I don't mean like the original Camp Penguin, with like the campsite with marshmallow sticks and the tents and stuff. I mean like a children's summer camp. The beach could be the signup area. This specific room that penguins are sent to directly from login. This is the first room they see.  This room would work well with a signup area by the lighthouse. This idea kinda reminds me of the Save the Migrator event of 2008. There will be 2 mascots sitting behind the signups table, helping penguins sign up. PH and Sensei are very underused, so I think they would be a good fit. Sensei is old and wise, and PH is very intelligent and adventurous, something helpful in a summer camp counselor.  Around the table, there will be signs advertising Camp Penguin. Then, the dock is the lake. The dock features a minigame featuring a diving contest jumping into the ocean off the dock(lake for this specific party), but there will also be another boat. No, not a speedboat like Hydrohopper (which will still be there, but the boat will look like a pontoon) this boat will be a canoe. In this game, you can have canoe races with up to 3 other penguins. To win, you have to answer the most correct out of 15 questions about Club Penguin. It will be a trivia game. The winner gets a gold trophy igloo item. Winning a second time will give you nothing, but winning a third time will get you a trophy shelf (or case, whatever it's called) igloo item for your igloo. Nonmembers can have 3 total, while members can get up to 5 per day.
The town center will be cabin row. there will be a dirt path leading from the dock to the snow forts, and to each of the 3 buildings, each being transformed into a camp-related building. The coffee shop will be a camper's cabin, with a bunk bed or two in the coffee shop  part, but there will be a door leading to the bean counters, smoothie smash, and coffee shop counter area (called the minikoffee)
for this party only. The nightclub danceclub being transformed into the art building where the kids build and draw art to take home after the 2-week camping session is finished. The gift shop Clothes Shop will be turned into a gift shop, like previously named, for canteens, hiking sticks, power bars, etc. The area behind the counter where the Hawaiian Lei and Party Hat (aka Beta Hat) currently reside will hold pictures of the 2007 Camp Penguin along with the free item, the Marshmallow stick, and a piece of the bridge crossing the river at the cove.
The Snow Forts will be transformed into a kind-of hiking woods. There will be hiking trails with dirt paths and lots of trees here, kind of like the start of the Wilderness Expedition (original, not the one imagined by me) room, or possibly like the maze from the same party.
The plaza will not be transformed too much. There will be some shrubbery on the ground, but the buildings aren't too different. The pet shop and hotel will look the same, but instead of the archway to the park, there will be a wooden sign with the word "Park" on it with an arrow pointing toward the entrance. The stage will look like an old ruined shack from long ago. The pizza parlor will be the Mess Hall, or the Dining Hall, if you want to call it that. This is because the Pizza Parlor seemed like such a great fit as the mess hall during the 2007 Camp Penguin. The stage will have a new play, a spinoff of Quest for the Golden Puffle, named Quest of the Ancient Tree Dryad, where they look for a dryad, (a tree monster) in the forest behind the Ski Lodge previously seen in Operation:Puffle. The play will have the set of the Rapids (Operation Puffle room), but with more land than that. They will eventually find a tree dryad and have to stop it from scaring puffles.
The forest will be similar, but the river will flow from the top of the room to the bottom. This river will flow out of the island. Anyway, There will be a bit more trees, and the waterfall will be taller.
The mine shack will be a little area where the mine is entered via hiking down a dirt trail into a cave instead of the mine's pink outside building. The school will be a cave as well, but it will have makeshift doors made of pine wood, the most common wood in Club Penguin.
 The cove will also have a waterfall similar to how it did before, and the surf shop will not be there. There will be 3 or 4 surfboards leaning up on the cliff, so just in case you wanted to go surfing, you could. There would also be an exclusive minigame here where you can ride down the waterfall. I haven't figured out much of how that will work yet, but it's late here in the US, so I'll figure that out later.

3: The Time Trekker Concept
This idea is by Chillin43's original website, Club Penguin Perspective. You no longer can visit this site, but the blog archive has been uploaded to his current blog, Club Penguin Thoughts. A few short minutes before typing this post up, I finished reading all the posts on the website.
For this party, you can visit important events in Club Penguin history, and visit the locations that they took place in. For example, you could visit the Beta Test Party. You couldn't pick up the party hat, but you could visit it. The next day, you could visit the Plaza Opening Party. Then the Underground Pool Opening Party. Then the Cove Opening Party. Then the Danceclub Reopening Party, and so on. This would also feature new rooms, like you could visit the Puffle Party 2014, but only the Plaza and the Park. Nothing More. For the beta party, you could visit the Town and the Coffee Shop. Plaza Opening Party, the Plaza, Snow Forts, Pet Shop, and Pizza Parlor. The Cove Opening Party the Forest and Cove, and the Nightclub reopening party, strictly the nightclub. Get my point? But this party may need a plotline, but in case that happens, I have one. Gary created a wormhole when he was trying to pick up Garianna and Gariwald VIII to go visit Garugg in the past. Characters from one family line cannot go together at the same time, so therefore, all of Gary's relatives have been spread about throughout the past and the future. We get to visit a bit of each character's time. Garugg: Prehistoric Party, 2 rooms. Garianna, 1600s: 3 Rooms. Gariwald VIII: 1850s, 2 Rooms, all of normal gary's time, and Gary 3000's time in the future. We get to visit these, but along the way, you have to stop in a few time zones to pick up fuel, because the time trekker runs on Grass, which is pretty obviously uncommon in Club Penguin. There is more grass in certain time zones. Gary collects grass while you explore the time of CP's history that you are currently in, solving minor problems along the way, like at the end of EPF DS. Once all 13 missions are done, there are still minor problems. Missing Tour Guide, Missing Puffles, Mixed Up Igloo, The Penguin is lost, his puffle is behaving strangely, etc. These missions usually do not require any agent skills or anything agent-like for that matter. Neither will the ones implemented during this party. One penguin is concerned about the pizza parlor being too crowded since everyone has to eat inside with the patio tables and chairs being replaced by the Stage just a mere month ago, for example. Once we visit all important  parts of CP's history, we can then travel to the time of Gary's relatives. Once we collect them all, we can leave Gary behind while we take the one character back to the correct time zone. This will be in the form of a mini-game similar to the Snow Trekker game on the DS. Click and drag for the Time Trekker to move across a vortex map of Club Penguin from 5000 BC (150 Million, if you believe its that old) to AD 3000 where Gary 3000 lives. The biggest part of the vortex map will be main CP. To go to the selected time period, click on that time period normally while the time trekker is on it. Once all is fixed, nonmembers get 3 free items. The Time Hat, the Warp Costume (from Teen Titans episode "How Long is Forever?") and the Meateor of the Future (A Space Meteor made of dinosaur meat. We already killed plenty when we played Dino Dig, so killing more is okay, in CP's book) and members will, like one of the previous quests, earn a new igloo, along with a new igloo location. The igloo location will be the warp zone. It will appear similar to what it looks like through the windshield when traveling from the present to the past in the Prehistoric Party. The igloo itself will be Gariwald's mansion. It will feature 3 areas. The main entryway, the library, and the kitchen/dining room. It will look similar to Gariwald's original mansion, but more compact, and with no furniture, only walls and flooring. If you get the special edition Gariwald's mansion code from the Gariwald's Mansion playset that was released before the party, you can get an igloo that has separate rooms. Gariwald's mansion will look similar to the one that members earn at the end of the party, but has a door in the back leading to another section with 3 more rooms. The playset will cost $39.95 USD and will cost a similar price in other currencies.

I love these ideas. When they hit me, instant room designs came to mind. If I can, I will try to team up with SandorL and Snowpenguincat to help these get real SWFs that look like they are from Club Penguin. Then, I will send them to Club Penguin support and try to turn them into real parties. I know it's a long shot, but it's worth a try. Until next time, this is Storm signing off.