Sunday, November 23, 2014

2 Jimbos?

Hey guys, Storm here. Today I have a very weird topic. Could there be 2 Jimbos in Springfield?
I have a bit of evidence lined up.

Season 1, Episode 8: The Telltale Head
Jimbo asks for someone to cut off the "ugly head of his". To fit in with Jimbo, Kearney, and that kid with the really long hair that I never remember the name of, Bart saws off the head and brings it to them the next day. When Jimbo gets mad at him, Jimbo says, "Throwing rocks is one thing, but I would never cut off the head of a guy who iced a bear with his bare hands."
Season 25, Episode 1: Homerland
In the opening theme (I chose Homerland because I don't know the exact episode number of any other episode with the new opening) Jimbo and Kearney are seen cutting the head off Jebediah Springfield. It falls on Ralph Wiggum. Continue theme song.

These 2 contradict eachother. Jimbo says he would NEVER cut off the head of a guy blah blah blah, but he does it in plenty of episodes. Is there 2 Jimbos or did he just change his mind?

Change his mind. 90% Chance
2 Jimbos: 10% Chance

Nah, I'm thinking too much Gravity Falls here.

Change his mind: 99.999% Chance
2 Jimbos: 0.0001% Chance

Friday, November 7, 2014


Hey guys, Storm here. This is urgent, so I am posting it here. As you may know (but probably don't) a couple days ago I posted on Twitter saying I was possibly going to quit Poptropica. Well, Poptropica replied, and I had to make a big decision. It touched my heart a lot that they cared so much about individual players. Unlike Club Penguin. Hmmphh. It was also the words they used. I replied telling everyone the decision I had to make. Poptropica replied with "Life is endless change. Be good to yourself. Don't worry about us. Stay or go, it's been great having you around. Thanks!" I loved this so much that I have decided to stay on Poptropica for a few reasons.
1: Deep down I know that I love Poptropica
2: My Poptropica website, while is not posted on much, is very much loved by me. It's my first website and I love it very much. Much more than any amount of words I will ever type on this website.
3: Poptropica is the very first game that I played and stuck with. Most games that I played are gone never to be played again (Webkinz, Roblox, CPPSme, etc) and that is why I love it.
4: The tweets sent to me

Thank you all for reading! Until next time, this is Storm signing off.