Sunday, November 13, 2016

Club Penguin and Their Video Games, But Mostly Game Day

Note: Some of the text was messed up in the creation of this post. I tried to string it together the best I can, but in case some things don't feel the same as the rest of the post or like some things are unrelated, now you know why.

Hey guys, Storm here. Today, I was watching Nostalgia Critic (you know who he is) when suddenly a review of The Cats Return pops up. He mentions how the title doesn't make sense, considering how the character is meeting the cat for the first time. That then reminded me of Herbert's Revenge having the word Revenge in the title when Herbert wasn't in the previous installment of the Club Penguin game series.

So, in case you guys didn't know, the order of Club Penguin games go pretty crazy. The first one, being Elite Penguin Force, was a great game with plenty of puzzles and fun to play. The second was EPF: Herberts Revenge, and I see it as disappointing. I can see why others like it, and even love it, but I don't understand why people see it on the same level as the first one, with 13 original missions with other bonus missions, online newsletters, a downloadable mission, and 6 mini-games with parties. Herberts Revenge has 10 missions, with 6 of them being the exact same as a few select PSA missions with the exception of some text being highlighted in red (which I feel brings this game down a little more). Another problem is that they include Mission 8, but not mission 7. Those two go hand in hand. I remember that in Mission 8, G Mentions something about Herbert stealing a gear, which happened in Mission 7. New players will have no idea what is going on.

 The first mission of Herbert's Revenge is pretty boring. The game includes no mini-missions, no online features other than transferring coins, 4 mini-games that get very repetitive with annoying sounds, and you don't get to just waddle around, which is what is pretty fun and allows you to find lots of coins and hidden easter eggs. You can also just swerve around in the Snow Trekker or fly around on a jet pack doing fun stuff. Not everything has to be exactly in the storyline. The downloadable mission (which you can sadly no longer download if memory serves) is really entertaining. It does get a bit repetitive, but it's sort of like a treasure hunt. Also, you visit the Dojo twice, the pet shop twice, the pizza place at least once, and all the other rooms at least once. The bonus mission where you have to find the tour guide lost in the wilderness is fun and easy. Also, in newer versions of the game, if you set the mic to the highest sensitivity and turn your volume all the way up, you don't even need the mic. Herbert's Revenge just can't live up to the original.

A few months later, Club Penguin released another new game for the Chintendo Vii Nintendo Wii. This game was Game Day. Game Day was totally new ground for Club Penguin. They'd never done 3D environments, full 360 degree character rotation, Wii remote controls, action-oriented controls, stamps from consoles, and so much more. There was so much new content. Not to mention Game Day being the first Nintendo game where you can play on the same save four separate times on all four sides (that adding up to once per team). The mini-games on Wii are also fun and creative. The controls on every single game are very easy to learn, and every game feels competitive, even if it's really easy, because there's always something at stake to lose if you don't win. My favorite game is Rollin Riot. I usually beat every other player and all NPC's by at least 100 points, but I still always try hard to not crash into people so they could make me lose. There's also this really fun ice hockey mini-game where every team has a goal and the goal (not a pun) is to have the least amount of goals scored against you and the most points scored against others. Every mini-game is really fun and if you are a fan of the mini-games on the computer and on mobile devices, I sincerely recommend you check out this game.

Another really interesting thing about this game is the 3D designs. They all look wonderful and far superior to their mobile phone and tablet counterparts, but sadly, I don't think there is enough clothing items for them. If I was calling the shots, I would at least have the Side Swept (you know why), the Red Sunglasses (same reason), the Flutterby and Befluttered, every variant of the electric and accoustic guitar to date, and a few sports things such as the Football, Soccer Ball, Basketball, Baseball Glove, Water Wings, that type of stuff.

Some things I really admire about the game is it's environment. It's all in this small part of the island so there isn't a bunch of empty places, such as the Gift Shop, Lighthouse, or Plaza. One thing I did find really weird is in Java Jump and Bean Balance. At the end of the game, when the penguins are celebrating/being sad over the outcome of the game, there is an unknown building in the background. It is made of light yellow-greenish bricks, most likely limestone. I'm not sure why it's here, and I doubt you are.

Lately, as in earlier today (November 11th, 2016), me and my brother had a lot of fun playing Snowball Battle. We were playing as Team Blue in 2v2 mode, and it was a blast to play. In this game, you gain points by throwing snowballs at others (done by shaking the Wii remote). You can have up to 5 snowballs at a time. When you run out of snowballs, hold B to make more. Hitting someone results in a gain of 100 points, while knocking them out gains you 200. Besides that, holding A and B while having a full set of 5 snowballs will result in the creation of a giant snowball that results in instant knockouts and has a larger range. There are some areas where you are unable to build snowballs, but snowballs can be built anywhere if you can find the white puffle to assist you. It's my favorite mini-game except maybe the scavenger hunt when conquering the Ski Village as Team Green.

Besides that, I have nearly all of the stamps. As of May 20th, 2014 (the last time the page was updated), I had 8 stamps. I have since gained 3 more, but I can't upload them because of Nintendo Wifi Connection being defunct. The last 3 are impossible for me to get, because they require 4 users to play and I only have 2 Wii remotes.

Aside from the stamps. I have 100% on all three games.

So that's the end of this long-overdue post. And to think, it only took me 13 months!